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Outside at the impound, Price gets mad because Turner won't do anything about the injustice of his situation. Turner says he's practicing "self-control" which is a Zen method for avoiding doing anything. They both start yelling about how mad they both are, but that they have different methods for dealing. Turner wisely says he doesn't want to yell at a brick wall. Price, who has had a brick wall specifically built for the purpose of yelling at, doesn't see it that way. She says she wants to call Ed O' Malley. Turner stops her, points at her nose, and says, "Don't." She continues to goad him until he snaps. Turner says he'll take action, if he wants, on his own terms. "You don't own me just 'cause we're back in the sack." Ouch. Price's eyes bug out as if somebody squeezed her too hard. Her eyebrows twitch a little, too. "You've had a long morning. I'll let that slide for now," she says. They approach Turner's slick ride, which has been gutted from the inside. "Still don't want me to call Ed O' Malley?" Price says in her most annoying, shrill voice. "Stay out of it," Turner warns her as we fade to black and white on Price's pouty face.

Apparently ad revenues for City of Angels are so bad that the good folks at Podiacin managed to get their low-budget foot cream commercial into primetime network television. Way to go, Podiacin!

Back from commercials where an excited Ed O'Malley rushes in to super-suave sneaky man Ron Harris' office with a photographer. He gets Harris up for a photo op. Harris, who for the life of him looks like a slightly taller Mickey Rooney, gushes that he's holding a press conference to announce a $20 million allocation for the hospital. Harris smiles as if he's just picked up a hooker (oh wait, that was last week's episode) and says, "That's wonderful!" O'Malley says it was because of an accounting error (wink, wink) and that the only string attached is that they spend it wisely. Harris thinks about his little black book (it's too funny not to repeat: It's called Ho's I Knows) just as Price walks in looking positively dowdy in her white doctor's gown. I miss those power suits, Vivica. You should talk to Wardrobe. The photographer comes in and takes a shot of the three of them while O'Malley tells Price that he received her call about Turner's police run-in (naughty, naughty, Price) and made a phone call to take care of things. Ed O'Malley is the Tony Soprano of Angels of Mercy hospital. Price asks what this is all about; Harris just smiles sneakily and says, "Walk with me."

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