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Suddenly the white officer violently throws Turner against the hood. Turner protests while the officer gets increasingly violent by spreading his legs and shoving him. "I'm curious, Leroy," the officer says. "What is the learning curve with you?" Blair Underwood, the actor, remembers that his character is named "Ben" and that that must therefore be a racist remark. He gets mad. He demands the officer's name and badge number. Racist Cop instead twists Turner's arm behind him and throws him to the ground while Turner screams and screams. The black cop gets out of Turner's car and starts to look concerned. The white cop, who now has his knee in Turner's back as he holds Turner face-down on the ground, tells him his name is Eugene Elliott, badge number 155. He tells his colleague "Scotty" to watch after Turner while he checks out Turner's "fresh new ride" for drugs. Turner looks at Scotty and gets all self-righteous: "Man, you ought to be ashamed of yourself." Scotty, who sounds a little unsure of himself, looks to the staff writers for a snappy comeback and this is what they come up with: "You ought to shut up." Fade to black and white on Turner, lying face-down on the pavement. My hands take a break from typing this paragraph as we go into the City of Angels holy gospel theme song (one of these days I'll transcribe the lyrics, but that would involve watching the credits several times and, well, let me get over these other nightmares first).

Somebody's using that stupid "Mambo #5" song for a long-distance service commercial ["starring Once and Again's Sela Ward" -- Wing Chun]. It was only a matter of time.

We come back Angels of Mercy hospital then inside where Dr. Price is walking like she's competing in the hospital administrator decathlon. She's wearing a long black coat and holding a slip of paper. She ducks into the locker room (motto: "Where we chill before prescribing your pill") and finds a buck naked and quite buff Dr. Wesley Williams. Forget everything I've said about this man. He may act like a wuss, but he has the body of a small, but very relevant deity. Williams, who is holding a towel, looks shiny and oily, not as if he just showered but as if he was self-basting. It just occurred to me that this is the brief nudity referred to in the opening: sorry, ladies. No naked Blair this week. Price asks where Turner's locker is while Williams just looks mortified and starts to stutter even though I'm sure he's always telling patients to put on little gowns where their asses hang out. Price, who doesn't even seem to notice that she is standing near a nearly naked, oily man, gets into Turner's locker presumably to fetch his things and look for any "I (heart) Dr. Price" scribbling he may have posted. Instead of putting on some clothes or strategically walking behind a stall, Williams just keeps watching Price, as if to say, "Hey! I hired a personal trainer just for this scene and if I want our entire viewing audience (four people and falling) to see it, well, they're just going to have to post a viewer-discretion warning before the show!" Price finally turns and seems to notice. She looks sideways at a wall mirror and she sees (as do we) Williams's bare, bare, bare ass. It's just hangin' out there. Yep. Naked butt. "Nice buns, doctor," she says very seriously, then walks out. Williams, looking very dazed, wanders to his own locker and we see a second, less gratuitous shot of his heinie. We salute Hill Harper, the actor who plays Williams, for this brave, dramatic acting choice.

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