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All right, kids. If you're still watching City of Angels, you are part of an elite, but probably misguided club that waits to see if the show will crash and burn (as it does this week) or if it somehow manages to rise above its derivative-of-ER state. Either way, let's keep watching those ratings; cancellation season is right around the corner.

Shout-outs to my homies (all three of them) in the CofA forums. We tight, yo. And watch for Heather's Making the Band recaps. They're comin' at you soon like a diamond in a crapstorm.

Previously on City: Dr. Weiss and Nurse Patterson were hashing out their romance after she revealed that her father doesn't like her dating white boys. Her father later confirmed it at an awkward dinner with the Weiss-ster. Ron Harris (the sneaky, prostitute-hiring administrator) got into constant fights with Dr. Lilian Price about her lack of administrative experience. Price and Dr. (Blair Underwood) Turner got it on in broom closets, elevators, couches and everywhere but the CAT scan machine. A very, very old doctor who looks like Col. Sanders ["but who is actually Mr. Shorofsky from Fame" -- Wing Chun] got up during a hospital assembly, then sat on a muffin. Don't ask me what it meant. I must have missed that episode.

This week, we begin with a disclaimer that says we'll be seeing some brief nudity in this episode. Blair Underwood fans: Start your engines.

The episode begins with Dr. Turner driving down the streets of L.A. listening to some talk radio. He pushes some buttons on a car stereo that looks more complicated than my home computer. Turner switches stations to some shout-and-response hip hop. While he's flipping, he looks up to see that he's running a yellow light right in front of a police cruiser. The cruiser immediately follows. Turner pulls over, looks at his watch, and leans back, with angry resignation. Two officers, one black and one white, approach his car. As Turner explains that he didn't see the red light, the white officer ["Hey! It's Gil Myers, that teacher on whom Ohndrea totally had a crush on 90210!" -- Wing Chun] menacingly puts his hand on the butt of his gun. You just know a scene's gonna follow on White Man Holdin' The Chief of Surgery Down Theater. Turner tells the officer that his ID is in his jacket: "Mind if I reach for it?" The officer just nods. Turner can't find the wallet and says it must be in his bag. The officer tells Turner to pass the bag to him. Turner introduces himself as a surgeon (so that he can operate on them on the street?), because police officers are supposed to be trained to believe everything someone with no ID, insurance or registration says to them. Turner says there's nothing in his bag. The officer tells him that if he reaches into the bag, he will find a gun pressed against his head. Sounds fair enough. Turner, who is wearing a brown leather jacket and a Kangol hat, offers to get searched on the hood. He grabs his bag and exits the car. Looking in the bag, Turner still can't find his wallet and says, "I must have left it in my locker at the hospital." Drug dealers, hookers and politicians passing by are demanding that he be searched since even they don't believe his story. Turner whines that he just worked thirty-six hours straight. The not-white officer says he found Turner's car to be registered to a Davenport Corporation. Turner says that's the leasing company.

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