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Let's meet Chuck! He's an adorably floppy-haired geek, complete with pocket protector and a nerdy best friend named Morgan. We start out in a darkened room, in which Chuck and Morgan are seemingly planning some kind of covert commando mission, only when the light goes on, we learn that the two of them are escaping "Chuck"'s birthday party in Echo Park, which he claims is actually an excuse for Chuck's older sister Ellie to have all her friends over. Ellie is played by Sarah Lancaster, of Everwood infame, and it's a testament to the mellowing of my psyche caused by old age that I'm willing to give her a clean slate here. Maybe I'm taking the fact that she's a brunette now as a sign of her like desire to bury the past. Ellie informs Chuck that she's invited "real, live women" on his behalf, and the least he can do is come downstairs. "Morgan, you stay here." Ha! The hot girls Chuck gets introduced to all seem to think he's adorable, even when he confesses that he studied engineering at Stanford and now works for the "Nerd Herd." Talk then turns to a "Bryce Larkin," who was Chuck's roommate in college; Chuck tells one of the women Bryce is an accountant, but an extended sequence that's vaguely reminiscent of Mission: Impossible shows that he actually seems to be some sort of covert agent, as he gets into some kind of sensitive computer area and hacks away. Under questioning from the woman, Chuck babbles cluelessly about his ex-girlfriend Jill, and by the time he gets to the part about Jill ditching him for Bryce, the girl has moved on to less nerdy pastures. Or more nerdy ones, if she happened to stumble across Morgan. We then cut back to the Bryce sequence, in which it should be noted the guy is pretty cute despite being covered in more blood than Sissy Spacek in Carrie. In the white computer room he's in, he plants an explosive charge, then runs at the door, timing it such that he's running through just as the door blow off their hinges. Neat trick -- not sure if you escape without third-degree burns if you're not on TV, but neat trick nonetheless. The doors also fortunately crash onto some of the security officers that have been alerted to Bryce's presence, and he manages to get by the rest of them with some further moves that include running up walls and other acrobatic martial arts that would have made him right at home on Xena. In the stairwell, Bryce takes out his Blackberry to send an email, and I know from personal experience how addictive those things are, but when dudes are chasing you with machine guns, sending out chain mail can wait, you know? There's more acrobat-fu involving jumping from roof to roof, and Bryce eventually gives the cops following him the shake and pulls out the Blackberry again, only to be shot in the chest by some dude. And by "some dude," I mean ADAM BALDWIN! Awesome! However, Adam Baldwin is somewhat screwed here, because as Bryce lies dying, he sneers, "Too late, Casey," and we see him send an Chuck. DUN!

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