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Chuck vs. The Nemesis

Chuck knocks on Casey's door and invites him over for leftovers. Casey is busy pruning his bonsai, but Chuck won't leave until he gets some answers. Specifically, what the heck was that Omaha business all about? Casey explains that it was a contact point or something. Sarah needs it, because if Bryce is going deep and Sarah wants to go with him, she has to go now. Somehow, Omaha has something to do with this. As Casey slams the door in his face, Chuck looks worried. He can't even indulge in the turkey sandwiches that Morgan, Ellie, and Awesome are eating. Ugh, I can't even look at them! No more turkey! No more sweet potatoes, no more cranberry sauce, no more stuffing. No more! The show ends in Sarah's hotel room. Bryce is calling on one phone; Chuck is calling on the apparently government-issued iPhone. Sarah can't decide which to answer.

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