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Chuck vs. The Nemesis

Big Mike is preparing the troops for battle. But no, not battle, because if it were a battle, he would tell them to run. But this is Buy More. The customers are already sniffing at the door on the trail of big discount prices and the sweet smell of super-sales. Big Mike barricades himself in his office and leaves his team to fend for themselves. Ah, management. As the madness of Americans engaging in the most meaningful and nostalgic of all holiday activities unfurls around them, Anna tells Morgan that he failed her test (okay, I know you don't care, but I have a duty to report these things), while Sarah and Bryce enter the store for the CIA pickup. Chuck checks out the CIA agents sent to retrieve Bryce, and when he doesn't flash on either agent, he gives the transfer the all-clear. Big Mike reports that the cash registers are down, but all of the Nerd Herders are hiding under the counter. Morgan gives the only guy old enough to know how to fix the cash registers (they're from the '80s!) a pep talk about the store exploding, and all is well again. Amidst the chaos, Bryce and Chuck make amends. Bryce apologizes for mocking Chuck for living with his sister and working at Buy More. He's sort of jealous or something. Aw, poor little spy. Sarah looks pleased by the Chuck-Bryce handshake of friendship and gives Chuck a little smile as she leads Bryce away.

Heading to CIA headquarters, Bryce and Sarah have a moment alone in the back of a car. Instead of shoving his tongue down her throat, Bryce wants to talk about his feelings. Geez, he's such a girl. Sarah explains that she thought he was dead, which is definitely an encoded message meaning, "I made out with someone else." Bryce asks her to come back with him, but she has her assignment. Bryce tries to get her to talk about her feelings some more, but a car accident saves her from having to share.

Back at the Buy More, Scarface has come to do some early shopping for items on his Christmas list. First on his list? A computer. Specifically, the Intersect. While Fulcrum! (Fulcrum!) reacquires Sarah and Bryce from their car accident, Scarface tells Chuck that he will do anything and everything to complete his mission, including killing all the civilians bargain-shopping at Buy More. He points out the seven trained assassins he has around the store and shows that Casey has already been taken captive. Scarface starts to walk Chuck out of the store, but the Nerd Herder who went to fix the registers stops them. Seems that he can't make the repair and doesn't know what to do. Scarface threatens that if Chuck says more than one word, he will kill them all. So what word does Chuck say? Oh what the heck do you think he says! "Pineapple"! As the letters trip off his lips, the Nerd Herder springs into action. He finds Morgan, who, when he hears that the message came from Chuck, hops on the old megaphone (standard issue in the retail world!) and clears the store. Anna pulls the fire alarm, and in the melee, Casey breaks free, grabs Chuck, and armors up in the home theater room. Meanwhile, Sarah and Bryce have managed to free themselves from their captives and have made their way back to the Buy More. They kick a whole heck of a lot of bad-spy ass, and finally, the store is empty. Casey takes Chuck out of the home theater armory and immediately gets cold-cocked by Scarface. Scarface uses Chuck as a human shield between him and Bryce and Sarah. Bryce starts jabbering at Chuck in Klingon (in public! again!) and then shoots him in the chest. As Chuck falls, Casey sneaks up behind Scarface and returns the cold-cocky favor. As Chuck is obviously not dead, Sarah asks Bryce what he said to Chuck. Bryce asked him if he was wearing the vest, and he was! That was really convenient. As Chuck whinges about how much getting shot hurts even when there is a bulletproof vest involved, the NSA shows up in response to Casey's call for backup. They are all dressed like firefighters, which is also really convenient.

Outside, Big Mike is about to murder Morgan for emptying the store. Doesn't the little gnome know that it is the biggest shopping day of the year? Doesn't he? Doesn't Big Mike know that the cash registers were down and they weren't making any money anyway? C'mon, people, focus! An NSA agent masquerading as a fireman interrupts Big Mike's rant. The fireman tells Big Mike that there was a gas leak in the store, and whoever emptied the store saved a lot of lives. Morgan is not fired...sigh. As the NSA cleaners get the Buy More back in order, Bryce gives his report to the generals in the home theater. He comes out dressed to the nines in a tux. He is going undercover (no, not as a maitre d') to take down Fulcrum! (Fulcrum!) The Bryce they knew is dead. He's going deep. He won't be back. Chuck asks where he is going and what he will be doing. Um, mindfart? He just said he was going deep under cover. Why's he going to tell you where he's going? Bryce says goodbye to Sarah and tells her that they'll always have Omaha. Is that Band Of Horses in the background? Weird.

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