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Chuck vs. The Nemesis

On his marshmallow run, Chuck spots Bryce lurking in the shadows outside his apartment. (Do you think spy school offers majors in lurking? Or is it just an elective?) Bryce can't figure out why Chuck is living there. With his sister. He doesn't understand what happened to Chuck. Chuck reminds Bryce that Bryce framed him and got him kicked out of Stanford. Bryce ignores that and asks Chuck to bring Sarah out. Chuck won't help him without a good reason. Bryce says that Chuck should help him because Scarface works for Fulcrum, and Fulcrum wants the Intersect. And, Chuck? That's you. The bad guys are called Fulcrum? It sounds like some middling metal-ish rock band started by pimply high-schoolers in the drummer's garage. Can't you just imagine the awesome patch the guitar players kid sister would design? Fulcrum! Chuck returns to the table, and while Casey is distracted by Captain Awesome groping his muscles (HoYay!), Chuck sends Sarah an encoded message that Bryce is waiting in his bedroom for her. If by "encoded," you mean "said out loud and really enunciated." Chuck so obviously did not study codes in spy school. Sarah (always the professional) gets the message and goes to meet Bryce. Bryce informs her that he is not armed, he is not a rogue spy, and she is in love with him. They make out a bit. I avert my eyes a bit.

Back at the table, Captain Awesome is trying to get Casey to go on a whitewater rafting trip with him. The brochures are in Chuck's room, so Chuck goes to get them. He gets there just in time to see the super-spy make-out session. He is not thrilled. Very not thrilled. And when it is his turn to say what he is thankful for, he is thankful that Bryce Larkin is dead and not making out with his girlfriend in the bedroom. Did you get that? That was an encoded message to Casey. Casey totally got it, since he took that class in spy school and has that nifty NSA training. As all the other people at the table scratch their heads, Casey bursts in on the make-out session, and Bryce flees.

Meanwhile, Ellie has topped the sweet potatoes with marshmallows, and Morgan has piled them on his plate. He proceeds to make out with the poor yams until Anna is so horrified and jealous that she flees the room, yelling that Ellie can have him. Ellie is confused and grossed out and announces that she doesn't want any more family dinners. Captain Awesome suggests a "destination Christmas." Heh!

Casey, Sarah, and Chuck have not returned to the table and are instead looking for Bryce. Who is in Casey's apartment, hacking his computer. Sarah draws her gun and Bryce draws his, and they point at each other for a while, which is a pretty serious turnabout from, oh, five minutes ago, when they were sucking face. Bryce tells her again that he's not rogue and that taking down the Intersect was an inside job planned by Fulcrum! Fulcrum! is some double-secret part of the CIA that ordered the job because they had plans for the Intersect's information. Bryce sent the info to Chuck because he needed a friend who wasn't a spy and wouldn't know anything about Fulcrum! (Fulcrum!), Intersect, or Sand Wall. At the mention of Sand Wall, Chuck has another flash. He tells Sarah that Bryce might be telling the truth. Casey walks into the conversation, sees Bryce, and shoots him in the chest. Chuck faints. But obviously, Bryce is not dead. He is smartly wearing a bulletproof vest (motto: Sleeve-Free Since '73! Seriously, are sleeves too much to ask for?) As both Bryce and Chuck are revived, Bryce starts to tell his story. After sending Chuck the Intersect files, he ran into Casey, who shot him. He woke up in an ambulance with Scarface asking to know where the files were. Bryce told him that the files were in him. So Fulcrum! (Fulcrum!) saved him in order to retrieve the files. He is willing to go to the CIA, but he needs to know it is real CIA, not Fulcrum! (Fulcrum!) Chuck can help with that. If he flashes on whomever they send, it is Fulcrum! (Fulcrum!), and if not, it's safe. And where is the deal going to go down? Oh, where the heck do you think?

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