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Chuck vs. The Nemesis

Sarah returns the still-loopy Chuck to his apartment. Chuck wants to know if Sarah and Casey are going after Bryce, but Sarah reminds Chuck that he is her assignment, not Bryce. Chuck thinks its ridiculous to pretend that the plot of this show would progress if they didn't go after Bryce. He also wants to know how Bryce's return will affect their fake relationship. Ellie interrupts their conversation by returning to the apartment. She seems surprised to see Chuck and Sarah talking, since they broke up and all, but that doesn't stop her from inviting Sarah to Thanksgiving. I would be so pissed at my sister if I had a sister. I mean, I would be really pissed at my imaginary sister if she invited my ex-girlfriend to dinner without running it by me first. Sarah accepts the invitation.

Now to the subplot du jour: Since Harry Tang has been disappeared, Big Mike has no choice but to put Morgan in charge of the store's preparations for Black Friday. Obviously, this involves a dry run of catastrophic retail experiences, a pantomime of Who Moved My Cheese: The Clerk's Edition, and some strained managerial oversight by Morgan. It also appears to be Thanksgiving, yet everyone is at the store. They sure are dedicated employees, despite the fact that they never work. The unresponsiveness of the employees to Morgan's flailing attempt at emulating Jack Welch brings about discussions of the word "pineapple." A word that will apparently be used later in this episode as some undoubtedly slightly asinine plot device. The magically fruity word will magically empty the store. Keep that in mind, will ya?

It's Thanksgiving, and everyone is there! Even Casey! Why the heck not? Ellie is serving up a big turkey and all the fixings. This would all look great and warm and semi-appealing if Thanksgiving hadn't been five days ago and oh my god if I look at another green bean casserole, I am going to hurl. And don't even get me started on the turkey. Before Casey goes to help stuff the turkey (after it's been cooked, mind you), Casey informs Chuck that he killed Bryce. And he would do it again! Chuck tells Ellie that Morgan is bringing a girl, and Ellie is revolted and intrigued all at the same time. The doorbell rings, so Chuck doesn't have time to warn Ellie that Anna knows Morgan is in love with her and will be acting like a jealous twelve-year-old all night...sigh. I had high hopes for Anna. In order to prove her love for Morgan, Anna sends Chuck out for marshmallows to top Ellie's sweet potatoes.

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