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House Broken

Two episodes ago, Sarah yelled at Chuck for going out on his own and not including her and keeping secrets from her. Tonight's episode features the exact reverse scenario, where Sarah decides to go out on a mission to track down her former handler... but not tell Chuck or Casey any of the details.

To see why Sarah's hot to find this Riker jerk, we flashback to a time when Sarah was a badass spy with some fabulous Matrix moves. She took down a bunch of criminals in one fell swoop, after she found out that they killed a couple, and were planning on keeping the baby (the only heir to a fortune) for their nefarious money-grubbing reasons. Sarah scooped up the tot and was about to return her to CIA custody, when she found out that Riker was a scumbag, who also wanted the baby for the money. This whole thing reeks of the Alex plotline on Nikita, but there at least we get to see that sullen hidden heiress who saw her whole family killed kick people in the face.

Sarah took the baby to her mom instead, but had to cut off contact with her in order to keep everyone safe. But after Sarah finally tells Chuck this story (after nearly getting killed in Budapest on her own), Riker overhears and goes after Sarah's seemingly sane mommy.

Naturally, Sarah gets the kid and mom out in time, and then there is sappy rejoicing and family reunioning of Sarah and her "sister" for like 40 minutes of the episode. Chuck's so happy about meeting her mother. Mom's so happy about the fact that her daughter isn't a lonely spy. Sarah spends time with a child and doesn't look pained about it (though I prefer the Sarah who frantically called for advice from her mom with the screaming infant baby).

This all leads very obviously to Sarah deciding she doesn't want to rejoin the CIA, even if it means having the money for their dream house. Also, the realtor just let them "borrow" the house for a while? A property test drive? Is that a thing? And shouldn't they be charged for defacing the property with their initials... even if she does plan on owning that house someday?

In Morganland, he and Alex are awkward together, and act weird during game night in Castle with Ellie and Awesome. It's terrible and eventually they get back together. The end.

Next week: Chuck's holding a pregnancy test. God help us all.





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