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Obviously Written By Nerds

Morgan comes in and tells Chuck that someone has to play -- remember how Chuck kicks ass at "Missile Command"? -- so Chuck takes over. No one claps at all; they came to see Jeff. But Chuck puts in his quarter as Sarah breaks into the news station. Buster walks in and wonders who authorized this "abomination" that's taking place in the store. (But just think of the sales if every nerd who's in attendance ends up buying something; "abomination" or "genius marketing strategy"? You decide.) Someone tells Chuck he sucks, so he looks into the crowd, and sees the heckler's Rush shirt. He flashes, realizing Rush is the "Music of the Universe" that Morimoto told him about. Chuck asks Morgan if they carry any Rush CDs in the store, and Morgan says, "No need. I got 'em all on my Zune." Chuck, shocked: "You have a Zune?!" Morgan: "No, no. I'll grab my iPod." I love how appalled Chuck would be that Morgan would have a Zune without him knowing it (and I like to think that Morgan owns a secret Zune). Anyway, Chuck somehow knows the mathematical equation of the game occurs by playing along to "Tom Sawyer." I know forum posters have pointed out "facts" such as: The game was released before the song, so it could not have been designed to go with the song. But, like Stephen Colbert, I don't care for facts. And neither does this show; last time I checked, it was about a guy who has a computer in his brain. So I'll just pretend it's also about a world in which "Missile Command" was released after "Tom Sawyer." And ... problem solved.

"Tom Sawyer" plays as Chuck plays; Sarah kicks ass all over the place to stop the bad guys at the news station (this requires taking her jacket off so that she can look even hotter in her tight black tank top); and Casey prepares, with the help of the Air Force, to shoot down the satellite. Sarah eventually gets the Iron Man terrorist cornered, but he won't give up the codes or tell her where the satellite is aimed. Casey and the Air Force guys are counting down. And Chuck reaches the kill screen. He immediately calls Sarah (with Casey listening in), with seconds left, and gives her the code. Well, first he tries to tell her how he did it, and she's like, "Just give me the code." And the code stops World War III. Sarah asks him how it feels to be a hero, and while he likes that he just stopped the world, he turns to the cheering crowd and we all know that he's WAY more excited about having reached the "Missile Command" kill screen. Jeff's awake now, and disappointed in himself.

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