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Obviously Written By Nerds

Chuck's trying to convince Jeff to come out of retirement and play; he thinks Jeff could be the first person to reach the kill screen, which Jeff thinks doesn't actually exists. Chuck pushes, and Jeff isn't even suspicious because he had so many fans back in the day. Chuck ends up making up a lie about what Jeff said when he was drunk to get Jeff to play again. Somehow Jeff believes that drunk him would say things he doesn't even feel, so he agrees to play. But only with "provisions": grape cough syrup, M&Ms with no browns, his lucky game from a certain convenience store. Oh, and he'd like Anna, in a hula skirt, to be fanning him with a palm frond. And he'd also like his old fans to come watch, because he needs a crowd. Casey says people who were into that game are all grown up with kids and wives now, but Chuck shakes his head, like, "Not so much. Look at Jeff."

Chuck enlists Morgan and Lester out of their jealousy and into helping this event happen. They set up the store for the game, Jeff watches Anna videos to get inspired, and all of Jeff's old fans find out what's up and come running. They haven't really moved on, if you wondered. The local news is even there, and Chuck flashes on the station; this somehow tells him that the terrorists are using the news station, so that's where the code will need to be entered. Casey's staying at the OOSSL to shoot down the satellite, as ordered, in 33 minutes. Sarah's going to the news station, since she trusts Chuck.

Morgan's pumping up the crowd, but when Jeff walks up to the game, he panics and passes out. Which actually disappointed me. I don't want to sit through a whole episode about Jeff, but if I have to, I'd like it to play out so that he actually gets to be the hero. I mean, Chuck gets to save the day all the time, but this might have been Jeff's only chance ever. And it's not like he'd even have known he stopped World War III. Chuck's trying to wake up Jeff, and then he realizes what's going to happen -- satellite will be shot down and/or World War III -- so he calls Ellie to tell her to take Awesome out of town. He tells her he knows he's been a disappointment, but he loves her, and they should go away, on him. She hangs up and asks Awesome if he thinks Chuck's on drugs. Awesome says it would explain a lot. WHY isn't Awesome funny anymore? He's so serious, with barely a trace of the lack of self-awareness that made him so ... awesome last season. Maybe the upgrade from recurring to cast member did not work out so well here.

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