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Obviously Written By Nerds

When they arrive, two nerds say they have it handled -- that Atari has more PhDs than Microsoft, and Chuck and Casey should go help some old lady log on to AOL. That's right: Nerd snobs. It's not a pretty sight, and not what I'd expect from Atari. Since that didn't work out, they bring in Plan B: Sarah in her own sexy Nerd Herder outfit. The nerds' jaws drop, and every other Atari employee heads over to gawk at her. Chuck and Casey take the stairs in, since Sarah has everyone in the building completely distracted. Sarah doesn't know how to fix a computer, but it looks like it won't matter because the Atari nerds are trying to impress her with their own computer knowledge. Casey and Chuck get stuck, and he tries to find another way, leaving Chuck there "where it's safe." Yeah, every time he tells you that, something bad happens. GO WITH HIM, Chuck! But he doesn't, and soon enough, our Iron Man terrorist is greeting Chuck again, telling him how weird it is to see him again. Chuck says it is a funny coincidence, but he got a call about a broken computer. The guy tells him he's in the right place, locks him in a room, and then tells Chuck he hopes the machine doesn't give him too much trouble.

The room is creepy and smoky, and Morimoto is in the back playing "Missile Command," trying to figure out the satellite codes. He hid them inside the game. Oh, and he's listening to Rush, which will be important. Morimoto already solved the game and gave the bad guys the code. Casey breaks in, and Chuck and Casey wonder why Morimoto's still playing if the bad guys have the codes. Turns out the game's hooked up to a bomb or something. ["It's like a geekier Speed." -- Angel] But it doesn't totally make sense, because he never stops playing and the bomb goes off anyway. But after Casey and Chuck are safely away, obviously. Morimoto is not so lucky.

Back in the OOSSL, they're telling General Redhead what happened. She guesses they're just going to have to shoot down the satellite so that the missiles aren't launched. People will die, but not nearly as many as if they let the terrorists use the weapon, starting World War III (is anyone else feeling like this is an entire season of 24 wrapped up in one episode?). Chuck would like to try out an alternate plan: Someone plays "Missile Command" to reach the kill screen. General Redhead wants to put their engineers on it, but Chuck says it has to be the world's best: Jeff. Casey's in charge of telling the Air Force how to shoot down the missile if contingency plan Jeff doesn't work out.

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