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Obviously Written By Nerds

Casey notices some guys getting out of a van on his perimeter cameras. He mutters to himself, "What is it about bad guys and vans?" I have wondered the same thing, but I think it's probably because of all of the stuff you can get away with in the windowless backs. Casey runs into the screening room to save Chuck, and wants to leave passed-out Jeff, whom he considers "dead weight." Chuck's the one who really knows how much dead weight Jeff is, though, because he ends up carrying him out on his back. Just in time, too, because the machine gun guys are in the store, and they find the screening room TV paused on mulleted Jeff with his trophy.

Ellie wants to know if she should be worried about Chuck, and Sarah -- superspy, trained to handle all sorts of awkward situations and difficult questions -- responds, "You know, Chuck is like a duck. Sometimes it seems like he is just gliding along, but beneath the surface his little feet are just paddling away like crazy." This would be the point where Ellie might change her mind about how good Sarah's been for Chuck. But she smiles. And Sarah says that deep down she thinks Chuck is incredibly mature and responsible. Right then, in busts Chuck with Jeff on his back. Chuck tosses him on the couch, and Jeff wakes up long enough to give us an obligatory incest joke. He tells Chuck to "take the brunette" because he's going to take a crack at the blonde. Then he actually rolls off the couch and lands on his face on the floor. Chuck's completely disgusted, as are the ladies. And me. And the world.

Jeff wakes up and scares Ellie. Then he hands her a card and says he's supposed to give it to her. It says, "My name is Jeff and I'm lost" and then has his address on the back. I want to know who in the world cares enough about Jeff to have had these cards made. I just cannot imagine he would be responsible enough to make them for himself, so who did it? One of his "fans," maybe? Or Lester? I know, I know. I'm overthinking it. It's just funny. Chuck tells her he's already called a cab. He pushes Jeff out the door, and Ellie lectures him again. She wants him to go back to school, and he tells her he hears her, and he still has all those goals he used to have.

Chuck arrives at work and greets Jeff with "Wild night, huh?" Jeff says, without a trace of irony, that it was pretty much his typical Tuesday. Lester and Morgan are watching again, and are totally jealous that their respective BFFs are totally becoming BFFs. Lester decides the best form of retaliation is for the two of them to also become best friends. Luckily, Sarah takes Chuck away before Morgan and Lester can take such drastic measures. In the screening room, she and Casey tell Chuck that Morimoto secretly worked for Japanese military and that he used to be in charge of their missiles. Chuck's like, "The guy who created 'Missile Command' commands actual missiles?" Casey replies, "Via satellite." Which really makes no difference, Casey. Don't split hairs. Problem is that Morimoto hasn't been seen in years, but the terrorist was seen outside his office. No one knows how Jeff's involved, so they need to get into Atari headquarters to figure everything out, but they don't know how. Chuck has an idea: They'll all be Nerd Herders. He attacks Atari with some sort of virus, and he and Casey go to help.

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