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We return inside the Orange Orange's Super Secret Lair (OOSSL, or as I've been calling it, "ooh-sel"), where Casey and Sarah are telling Chuck who the guy he flashed on is. He's a global terrorist, which begs the question: what does he want with Jeff? Chuck asks that, and Sarah and Casey tell him that's exactly Chuck's mission this time. He has to hang out with Jeff in an attempt to learn more about his past. Chuck is horrified, and would almost rather have someone from the agency torture Jeff (which Casey tells him is the other option). But Chuck's nice, so you know he'll endure his own torture instead. Just then Ellie walks in on the Orange Orange camera, so Sarah runs up to greet her. She tells her she wanted to talk to her, without Chuck. Casey turns off the camera, and Chuck's like, "Hey!" Casey tells Chuck it's not polite to spy. I'm going to quote Phoebe Buffay here: "Hi, Kettle, this is Casey. You're black."

In the Orange Orange, Ellie tells Sarah she'd hate for Chuck to find out she went behind his back like this, but Sarah says her secret is safe (except for the CIA and whatever other agencies have access to the surveillance footage, obviously). Ellie asks if Sarah knows if Chuck has any plans, and Sarah's like, "Tonight? I think he's hanging out with Jeff." Ellie meant "plans" in a larger, life sense, but is distracted by the fact that Chuck would hang out with, in her words, "Nerd Herd, creepy, serial killer Jeff," and tells Sarah it's time they had a little girl chat.

Meanwhile, Chuck is trying to psych himself up to confront his fear of hanging out with Jeff. Buster steps in front of him as he's walking toward Jeff, and says he hopes Chuck enjoyed his "fro-yo." Chuck tells him the truth: he was going to see his girlfriend. Buster says he has a girlfriend who works in Accounts Payable for Buy More, and "she's a real tigress." Buster would like to move on to the interview now that they've covered their love lives, but Chuck says he'd rather do that in the morning. He rushes over to Jeff -- as if Jeff's going anywhere; you don't have to sprint, Chuck -- and Jeff's like, "What did I do?" Chuck awkwardly asks him to grab a beer, but Jeff declines, saying he would rather grab a dozen beers. Chuck agrees, and Jeff suggests his place, so Chuck can meet his ferret, Rosco. Hey, a reference I can get; yay! Or maybe it's not a reference, and Jeff just liked the name? But I think I'll go ahead and call it a win. Anyway, Chuck says he's allergic, so can they hang at the Buy More? Jeff's okay with this (I am guessing Buster would not be, what with the dozen beers and all). Lester and Morgan, who have watched this conversation, are confused.

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