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Obviously Written By Nerds

Interviews: Jeff's answer to why he belongs at the Buy More? He satisfies a "quota." See! I knew there was something wrong with him mentally! But, no, he tells Buster that he's part Indian -- "the cool kind, though; not like Lester." With friends like Jeff, who needs friends at all? Then we have Lester, pointing out he used to be in management so he knows how to get things working. He then offers Buster cash. Buster scrawls "ASS KISSER" across Lester's evaluation form. Morgan's next, and he actually needs more time to think about why he belongs, so he'll go grab a soda and come back. Buster writes "Untrainable." Anna tells Buster that she speaks more than one language, and starts speaking in "binary code." She provocatively says something that consists of a lot of ones and zeros, and Buster scrawls, "Prostitute?" Because he thinks the numbers are a price? Amusing. Except that he's the one who seems nerdy enough to "speak" binary code (I don't even know if it's possible to speak binary code, but please blame the show instead of me for any mistakes in logic), not Anna. Lester mentions his mantras: "WWCD: What Would Chuck Do?" and "WWCDN: Wonder What Chuck's Doing Now?" Then Anna also tells him Chuck's in charge. Buster asks everyone who they defer to -- the people we know and a bunch of extras -- and they all say "Chuck." "Chuck." "Chuck." He's your man, Buster. Now ... if only he were at work when he was supposed to be.

Chuck shows up and Morgan tells him the new efficiency guy's looking for him, but don't worry; Morgan covered with a story that Chuck has gall stone issues -- but he asks, "that's a thing, right?" Buster walks up and shakes Chuck's hand, but just then Chuck flashes on the bad guy from Iron Man, who's snooping around in the store. Chuck decides to run with the gall stone excuse and literally runs to tell Casey what's going on. But the bad guy stops him, shows him a picture of Jeff, and asks if he knows that guy. Chuck makes a joke about it being someone from Welcome Back, Kotter (I am older than Chuck, and yet I'm too young to have ever seen an episode of Welcome Back, Kotter; I sometimes think they need to check their references for age, because so much of what they make us think Chuck is into or has experienced is not the stuff someone his age -- even a nerd -- would have), but then suggests he check another Buy More location, because no one with a mullet like that works here. (He doesn't actually say the "mullet" part, but he should have, because even with a guy you flashed on standing in front of you holding it, when looking at that picture, the only word that can come into your head is "mullet." It's the sort of image that clears the mind of anything else. I think the only other time I've seen a mullet with this much power was in Joe Dirt. Or, rather, the previews for that movie, because I totally didn't watch it or anything.) The guy seems to buy it, and leaves with no further questions. Chuck turns around and sees Jeff in a whole new way. Except it's mostly in the regular old way, because Jeff's pouring Cheesy Snacks into his mouth out of the bag. Kind of hard to look at him with anything other than disgust, isn't it? Credits.

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