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Obviously Written By Nerds
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We open on boobs, and then zoom up to an unfortunately mulleted Jeff, sandwiched by two bikini-clad girls. He's being congratulated by an old announcer he refers to as "Stu." It's probably someone I should recognized, but even on a second viewing, I don't get any of the references in this episode. Stu is congratulating Jeff for being the world champion of "Missile Command," the videogame, and asks him what he'll do next. Jeff looks down at the set of boobs on either side of him and says he doesn't know, because he has so many tasty options. Title cards take us to "25 Years Later" and Jeff -- hair no longer mulleted, but still unfortunate -- is standing in the backroom at the Buy More saying "So many tasty options." But this time he's looking at the backroom vending machine. Jeff actually believes this sad vending machine has too many tasty options and thus he can't decide, so Morgan comes up and chooses the Cheesy Snacks for him. Big Mike comes in and tells Morgan and Jeff to get back to a meeting on the sales floor, and also that Chuck's late.

Next thing we know, Chuck's alarm is going off, and he wakes up in a suit and pencil-thin moustache. Fun that we don't see every mission he goes on, I think. He quickly changes, but leaves on the moustache and walks out. Luckily, Ellie and Awesome don't look at him when Ellie asks if he's forgetting something. He realizes he did forget something: the moustache. He tears it off quickly, then turns around to face them and Awesome says Chuck almost forgot the most important meal of the day. Then Awesome gives him some of his green, wheatgrass-looking ginseng-protein shake, and Ellie asks why he was out until four in the morning. Chuck thinks the best lie is to include Morgan, saying the two of them had a "crazy night" of Grand Theft Auto. How he doesn't know that including Morgan and videogames is never the best option where Ellie is concerned is beyond me. Ellie and Awesome both start lecturing Chuck about how his life plan is not exactly going as planned, and that there should be some sort of forward movement. Ah, lectures. They go so well with breakfast.

Speaking of lectures, Mike's telling everyone at the Buy More that it's time for them to show some initiative, and he has just the guy to whip them into shape. He introduces them to none other than ... Buster Bluth! (But known here "efficiency expert" Emmett Milbarge). Buster wasn't exactly the initiative type, but I trust Tony Hale can act outside of the Buster range. Buster introduces himself by showing them he doesn't even care about them enough to know what city he's in (Morgan tells him: Burbank), and by telling them he'll be interviewing them all, evaluating them, and trying to trim the fat. Then he takes away Jeff's Cheesy Snacks and wads them up, just to be mean. Totally unnecessary.

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