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"We're Still Working Out the Kinks"
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So, here we are at the beginning of the final season. I sort of can't believe it's been around this long, honestly. Remember when we used to have to eat Subway sandwiches to try to keep it alive? I'd say we got pretty lucky to have this much of a (mostly) good thing. Even if this episode is a bit underwhelming. Anyway, here are some things Chuck thinks we might need to know (they're pretty much all from last season's finale): Decker told Chuck that all the bad guys have been connected somehow, and Chuck was just a pawn. And now he's fired. So the gang went into business on their own, buying the Buy More and everything below it. Morgan put on the sunglasses General Redhead left for Chuck and put the Intersect in his own brain. We're not supposed to wonder about that whole Chuck's brain is special stuff, I guess.

The show opens as it should, on Chuck and Sarah. Her hair's shoulder-length and wavy, quite adorable on her. Chuck looks pretty much the same. They're standing on a sunny veranda overlooking the ocean, and Chuck asks her if this view is something she could get used to. But she'd rather roll out onto the beach in the morning than live over the water on a cliff. It's almost sickeningly adorable until Chuck says they'll maybe look for a toes in the sand kind of place someday, if... Sarah finishes: "If we survive this." The camera pans back to reveal they're being pushed toward the ledge by some suited-up men, including an almost unrecognizable Mark Hamill. He tells them they sound like an old married couple, but when Chuck starts to explain, Hamill's like, "I'm sorry. I don't care." Sarah and Chuck tell Hamill that he's fallen right into their trap, since they work with a master spy who they can't see coming. "Right now, he's probably..." Some more of Hamill's men lead Casey out onto the veranda at gunpoint. So they pretend they have yet another master spy hiding, and Sarah pushes a button on her bracelet that wakes Morgan up from his van duties. There's a pretty silly and cute sequence where they describe how fearless and badass and slick he is as he stumbles, falls, apologizes to fishies in a pond, and sneaks his way toward them without taking out any of Hamill's men.

Hamill finally cuts them off, but wonders where the master spy is. Morgan comes out, tiny as always and now soaked from the pond. He tries to flash, as Hamill tells his guys to kill them all. He flashes just in time. Of course. Then he kung-fus all over the place and takes out a bunch of Hammil's guys. Because of his size, though, his stuntman is a lot harder to disguise than Chuck's always has been. It's pretty distracting, honestly. Hammil asks Chuck who they are, and Chuck says they're spies for hire, Carmichael Industries. As he's about to punch Hammil's lights out, we hear a shattering behind him. Morgan's broken the $6 million vase that a client sent them to recover. Chuck turns back to Hammil, says "We're still working out the kinks," and then punches his lights out.

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