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Chuck Versus The Wookie

Chuck, Sarah, Morgan, Elie, and CA are sitting around playing something that's similar in concept to The Newlywed Game; CA is hilarious, of course, for the two seconds he's on screen. Morgan knows Chuck's likes and dislikes better than any girlfriend could ever hope to, which is about 25% funny, 10% endearing, and 65 % creepy. Also, at some point when Chuck was young, Elie told him that their springer spaniel ran away, when in fact he was hit by a car. Hee. Poor Chuck. Sarah picks the olives off her pizza, and then when the question comes up about who in the world Chuck hates the most, he tries to cover, but Morgan is like, "Bryce Larkin, duh!" Good thing CIA agents are trained to deal with the awkward. Morgan goes on at length about Chuck's history with Bryce, concluding, "If Chuck is Solo, Larkin is his Fett!" Does that mean Boba Fett nailed Princess Leia? That must have happened on one of the DVD extras. They seem to be being watched, both inside and after they leave; outside, Chuck asks Sarah about Bryce. Sarah says they were partners but not really friends, which I think we're pretty clear isn't true. Chuck also tries to use their crappy performance in the game to discuss what they should say about their sex life to the people who think they're dating. Sarah: "We're taking it slow." Chuck does not respond: "Ain't that the truth."

When Sarah's alone, she feeds her goldfish, and then she turns on the shower -- and cottons on to the fact she's being watched. She and an intruder dressed in a very similar outfit to the one Sarah wore when she tried to steal Chuck's hard drive back in the first episode have a short fight. But when her assailant, lying on the floor, reaches past her gun to right the overturned fishbowl, Sarah realizes that this isn't what it seems. It turns out her attacker is a red-haired DEA agent she knows who's going by "Carina" -- she's planning to steal a diamond, and she informs Sarah that Sarah's going to help her. Sarah, dripping blood from her nose: "Couldn't you just have called?" Sure, but then the stunt coordinator would have been awfully bored.

The next day, Carina is waiting outside Chuck's apartment. His brain IDs her, but then he goes into Casey's apartment, where Sarah and Casey are getting orders from Tony Todd and the red-haired general. Tony Todd allows Chuck to listen in; the diamond they're after is heavily guarded in the "Malibu compound" of some guy named Payman Alahi. They call them "cribs" out this way, Tony Todd. But please don't kill me for telling you that. Alahi is apparently an international financier for "the opium cartel," which is why the DEA is involved here. They need to take Chuck for his "intersect data" on Alahi's alarm system, and then they'll set up the grab for the following day. Neither Sarah nor Casey trusts Carina, Casey because of some undisclosed incident in Prague about which he seems kind of squirmy. Tony Todd says they have intel that the diamond is going to be moved within 72 hours, so they all need to get on the stick, but everyone agrees that Carina should not be allowed possession of the diamond under any circumstances.

In the courtyard, Carina asks if this is Sarah's team, but Casey corrects her that it's his. Carina: "Hello, Casey. Nice to see you with your pants on." I'm going to have to disagree. Sarah tells Carina that Chuck is an "analyst," which I suppose is true, in that he regularly has to make sense of the images that run through his brain at the speed of sound. Morgan then appears, and Sarah whispers to Carina that he's a civilian before introducing them. Morgan kisses her hand...

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