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Family Reunion
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Before I get started, I want to apologize for the delay on this Chuck weecap. I have a cold, and have been lost in a fog of sickness and NyQuil. While I know it might seem like I often write in a foggy haze, I do prefer to be a bit more clear-headed. That said? Still sick and foggy, but writing anyway. If I write anything stupid, blame the cold (I'm not sure what to blame for all the stupid things I've written when I wasn't sick, but I'll think of something). And Chuck. Speaking of our dear Chuckles, there are a few things he wants us to know: Casey's former fiancee thinks he's dead, but he and his daughter Alex decide to tell her he's alive. Sarah's dad is Gary Cole, a con man.

Which brings us to now. Or, actually, the past, when a perfectly cast Young Sarah knocks on a door and gives the hard sell to the lady who answers. She sells her some sort of scout cookies that we know don't really exist, collects $84, and promises the cookies will be here in a month. Gary Cole's waiting in the car, and when Sarah tells him about her haul, he says they made over two grand today. He reminds her that once she knows all the cons... She finishes, "I'll never be a sucker." He's so proud of her work and her con knowledge that he gives her a hundred bucks. She doesn't know what to do with it, so he asks what she'd want if she could have anything. She'd like an adventure with him somewhere, so he tells her to save up and someday they'll do that. Then he drops her off at her grandma's house and they say their goodbyes: His is "See you later, alligator" and hers is "In a while, crocodile."

In the present, Sarah and Chuck are meeting with their snooty wedding planner, who asks about her father. Sarah ignores her, then tells her the invite list looks great without him on it, thanks. The planner asks Chuck and Sarah if they're ready to pull the trigger, or do they need a little more time. They're ready, so they write her a check for $26,230. My, what a precise number. Later, Chuck presents Morgan with a wedding-plan booklet that's full of fancy engagement pictures and information about the wedding. Morgan thinks the red and white are going to make Casey decline, since it screams "socialist." Sarah walks up then and he asks her if their wedding colors remind her of socialism. Sarah: "In a good way?" Chuck: "Is there a good way?" They decide to call their wedding planner, Daphne, to see what she thinks. Unfortunately, though, her number's been disconnected. And her office doesn't exist. Their check's been cashed and their account is emptied. Sarah's understandably angry at herself at being a sucker. She growls that Daphne Peralta chose the wrong couple to con. Cake opening.

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