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Chuck Versus The Undercover Lover

Chechnya, 2004. Casey wakes up to find what appears to be his special lady friend getting dressed, seductively donning a necklace he gave her. Casey is fully clothed, which is annoying, and which doesn't help his cause when he tries to get Special Lady Friend to come back to bed. She says it's tempting, but she has to go...right after she calls Casey "Sugar Bear," then gives us some exposition about how she's a photojournalist and Casey is posing as an energy consultant.

Down on the street, SLF is wandering about in her equipment-jacket-and-camera ensemble, looking for journalism to photograph, when a bomb explodes. Casey, startled out of bed, runs downstairs to survey the damage. Survivors, their faces cosmetically streaked with ash and bomb grime, huddle in the foreground; errr-eeee-errr-eeee European-style sirens go off in the background; Casey spots the melted remains of SLF's camera on the ground. He picks it up and stares at it.

Slow fade to Casey, staring with an even more woebegone expression at a digital camera while a Buy More customer testily tries to get his attention. Casey snaps out of it and grits that he can't offer a refund, and the customer calls Casey, among other things, impotent and an oaf, and flicks his nametag. From the Nerd Herd desk, Chuck spots Casey's brow lowering, and rushes over to avert a civilian casualty.

Supply cage. Jeff is supposed to be fixing the Grand Seville Hotel's computer, but instead is perusing their guest records for the purposes of finding Tara Reid's phone number. Chuck's like, 1) illegal, 2) gross, 3) who doesn't have her phone number, and spins Jeff out of the cage on his roll-y office chair as Jeff wails, "Taraaaaaaaaaaa!" Heh. Chuck is straightening away the desktop when he flashes on a name in the database: Dmitri Siljak, an arms dealer. He starts to write the name down, but pretty soon he's flashing on a bunch of other Russian/Chechen names on the guest list. He dutifully writes all those down too, musing that he'll have a headache tomorrow, and then flashes on one last name: Ilsa Trinchina. Ilsa is, of course, Special Lady Friend, and Ilsa's blipvert contains mostly images of her and Casey making out (hee), and a scrap of paper in a lady's handwriting that reads "Sugar Bear." Once Chuck has processed who she is, a wicked grin begins to creep across his face: "Sugar Bear's girlfriend's in town!"

In a back hallway of the Buy More, Chuck alerts Casey to the criminal "douchebag convention" going down at the Grand Seville. Casey's about to go tell Command what's up, but Chuck can't resist adding that he also saw Ilsa's name; nor can he resist calling Casey "Sugar Bear," which gets him throttled briefly before Casey stalks off. We go to credits on a super-long shot of Chuck flopping down on the floor and tipping over on his side. Heh. I've missed you, show.

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