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Chuck Versus The Truth

A man in a blue button-down shirt is being tortured by a man in a stripey button-down shirt. Mr. Blue doesn't know who the other guy is, but Mr. Stripey doesn't care. He has dosed Mr. Blue with a handy concoction that is both poison and truth serum. (Kind of like Palmolive for the young poisoner set.) Mr. Stripey's magic potion takes effect, and Mr. Blue spills that he knows where to find the codes.

Chuck and Sarah are prepping. They don't know if it is too dangerous; they are not sure they are ready. They are also joking, because they aren't rescuing the guy -- they are getting their cover story straight for dinner with Ellie and Awesome! Oh, those two. Their fake date recap is interrupted when Sarah's boss busts into the broom closet where they are hiding for some reason. Acting quickly, Sarah throws Chuck on the ground and pretends they were dry-docking in the closet. Uh, not really better than just talking. The manager is unimpressed and tells Sarah that when "Herr Weinerlicious" signs her paychecks, he is not factoring in five minutes in heaven. Sarah apologizes to Chuck, but Chuck is so stunned with hormones that he is frozen like Kim Cattrall in Mannequin.

Back at the Buy More, Chuck is daydreaming when Rachel Bilson storms in. Oh, Rachel Bilson! I'm so glad Josh Schwartz owns your perky ass and can make you show up on whatever show he's working on. So, Rachel Bilson shows up with a broken Blackberry that contains her entire life. She is panicking, but Chuck, being smooth, suave, and technologically inclined, talks her down. She is freaking out; her whole life is on the phone. He tells her to go to her happy place. Her happy place is a grilled turkey and Muenster sandwich. Which I assume is sort of like the Land of Dairy Queen? But with rivers of cheese instead of chocolate? And turkey instead of tumbling strawberries? Anyway, her name is Lou, and she owns a deli in the mall and often thinks of meats and cheeses. Obviously, Chuck is smitten. He tells her to come back tomorrow and he will have her phone fixed. She leaves without giving him any information or getting a claim slip or anything. Just another example of the fine customer service at the old Buy More chain. Morgan totally busts Chuck for "mind cheating" on his fake girlfriend. He doesn't blame Chuck, though, because Rachel Bilson has hair like licorice that he just wants to chew on it. Hair-chewing? I guess that would explain the beard.

Mr. Blue has stumbled out of captivity and onto a crowded city sidewalk. He heads straight to a mailbox, falls to the ground, and plucks a necklace from the bottom of the mailbox. He thanks God that his codes are safe.

Chuck and Sarah are on their fake date with Ellie and Awesome at a sushi bar. I guess because it is a fake date, they have opted to sit at the counter in a row instead of at a table talking to each other. Chuck orders a crab handroll for Sarah, because he knows she likes them from Kaplan Fake Date Prep beforehand. Awesome thinks it's cute how old-fashioned they are, but he's not talking about the ordering. Oh, no. He is talking about the fact that they haven't made sweet sweet love yet. Ellie looks intrigued. Yeah, I talk about that stuff with my siblings, like, um, never. As Awesome continues embarrassing everyone at the counter, Ellie offers Sarah some edamame, Sarah wipes something off Ellie's sleeve, and Chuck asks if Ellie is ever going to retire her sweater. Nice work, team! Olympic-quality subject-changing. Ellie says that she is keeping her sweater, because it is her lucky sweater and she met Awesome when he asked if LL Bean stole the color from her eyes. Which is a really odd pick-up line, but whatever works. As they stand outside the restaurant, Mr. Blue stumbles down the sidewalk in front of them and collapses. Doctor Ellie springs into action and gets the guy into an ambulance. Chuck is so proud that he shouts her full name to the crowd and, of course, to Mr. Stripey, who is standing right there. Traffic grinds to a halt as everyone rubbernecks at the stupidity of that scene. Finally, a TV Cop pulls up and gets traffic going: Move it along, folks. Totally normal plot contrivance! Nothing to see here! They had to make the plot work somehow! Ellie shoves Mr. Blue's wallet at Chuck and tells him to look for a medical ID. When Chuck pulls it from the wallet, he flashes on it. Mr. Blue is not such a nice guy. And he has just slipped the necklace with the codes into Ellie's lucky sweater.

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