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Family Matters
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A few things Chuck thinks we might need to know: Awesome was used as a Ring decoy, so he asked Ellie to join Doctors Without Borders. Morgan found out Chuck's a spy, and it was the best news he'd ever heard. Now (or, rather, in the past): "Honduras 1989." An older military guy at a desk in a tent tells a young military guy named "Alexander Coburn" that he hasn't qualified for special ops service. The young guy looks pretty shocked and upset by this news, but the old guy's just like, "Dismissed!" Outside, Robert Patrick asks Alexander Coburn if he wants a Tic Tac, then offers him a role on a covert black ops team of true patriots. Robert Patrick pops another Tic Tac as he asks the kid if he wants to go home to his family, or become the soldier he's always dreamed of. We flash into the present, where an older-looking Robert Patrick tells Casey he's glad he took his call, because General Redhead is going to give them a mission to test CIA security, and he needs Casey to pick something up for him. He gives Casey a key, and says he knows he'll make the right decision. He always does. At this point, I love the show for not hitting us over the head with him being Alex Coburn, by having him say, "Alex Coburn" or something.

Outside the window, Morgan's spying and videoing as Casey meets with Robert Patrick in his apartment. Chuck finds him there and wonders what's up, and Morgan says it's spy work; he thinks Casey's getting a new mission. Chuck tells him if Casey were getting a mission, Chuck would be too, and that Morgan's been kept out of the spy loop for a reason: It's dangerous. Just then, Casey's door opens and Robert Patrick comes out, telling Casey it's a pleasure working with him again. Chuck and Morgan duck and hide and Chuck's like, "Working on what?" The next day, at Castle, General Redhead tells them they're on a "trace cell" mission, and will have to break through fifteen levels of security at a CIA facility to get there. Oh, and by the way: Shaw's in D.C., and Sarah will join him later for personal reasons. So he won't be on the mission.

"Subterranean CIA Facility." They enter "Level 1," and it's funny that the security level actually says "Level 1," etc. The first hall they have to get through to make it to "Level 2" shoots bullets or something across the hall, so Chuck flashes and does gymnastics through it. When they make it to "Level 15," they're all exhausted. Sarah opens the door, and Casey tells her to stay outside and watch the door. Then he puts Chuck on the actual mission while he goes on his side mission and uses the secret key Robert Patrick gives him to find a little case holding a pill. Chuck opens his box and finds nothing but a note from the desk of General Redhead that says, "Job well done." He laughs and then finds Casey closing the secret mission box. Casey denies taking anything out of the box, and then pulls a gun on Chuck and says if he breathes a word to anyone, he's as good as a dead man. Sarah comes in and asks if everything's okay. Chuck lies, "Yeah." Cake credits.

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