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Love and Spying Don't Mix
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Even though this episode starts right where the last one ended, we get some previouslies in case you're just tuning in: Carina came for a visit. Chuck gave Sarah a charm bracelet. She tried to get him to run away together, but he chose to be a spy. Repetitive Sarah-Chuck angst.

A guy's running through the woods with a case, but a badly scarred Vinnie Jones has him in his sights (his gun sights, that is). He's with a couple of other bad guys. He shoots the guy a couple times, but gets a phone call. He tells whoever's on the end he'll call them back, but he's in the middle of something for work. Then, "I love you too, Smooshy." He hangs up, glares at his snickering cohorts, and shoots the guy again.

At a club, Sarah's out for drinks with Carina. Sarah's enjoying just having time off, and wonders how long Carina's here. She hopes not long, since L.A. has "all of the cultural panache of a porta-potty." Carina wonders why Sarah's still here, protecting a doof at a video store. Sarah says she doesn't want to talk about work, and Carina assumes they're sleeping together. Sarah says their relationship is totally professional, which leads Carina to say "Oh my god, Walker. You're breaking the cardinal rule of spying, aren't you?" They drink fancy drinks, and we cut to Morgan and Chuck drinking canned soda, as Morgan says that Chuck's breaking the cardinal rule of getting dumped by moping around, playing video games. Morgan takes his game controller, and Chuck's like, "Can you please at least pause the game?" Morgan talks about how incredible their bachelor lives are and the camera pans out to the empty apartment they're sitting in. Morgan talks Chuck into going out to find some eligible ladies, since "they can't all say no to us."

They enter a club, where Morgan quickly tries to hit on girls (failing colossally, as usual). Chuck's not sure he's ready for this, but Morgan says he's just here to forget about Sarah ... then he spots Sarah, who's with Carina. Morgan wonders if Carina would remember him, since they went on that one date. Chuck says he's going to "do a little spy work" and suss out the situation with Carina, while Morgan gets drinks. Chuck greets Carina and Sarah, who asks if he's spying on her. He says he's just out for an innocent evening with an old friend (cut to Morgan not having luck making it to the bar to get drinks). Vinnie Jones comes up and grabs Carina. They hug and kiss, and Carina introduces him as her fiancée Karl to her best friend, Sarah, and Chuck, her boyfriend. Chuck and Sarah play along. There's a lot of making out and "I love you Smooshy." "I love you Smoosh." from Carina and Karl. He leaves, and Chuck tells Carina how in love they seem. Then he notices Vinnie's scar and flashes on him being an arms dealer. He tries to tell Carina, and she says she knows. "You think I'm an idiot? It's the cardinal rule: Spies don't fall in love." Sarah glares. She welcomes them to their new mission. Opening credits. Again.

Big Mike's back at the Buy More, in a fancy red and black suit. He has his crew all lined up as he explains that everything's changing: He's wearing a suit because he's here to do his finest. He wonders if they are, too, and looks right at Chuck, then Jeff. They both say they are. Big Mike says he's learned much from his business class at El Segundo School of Finance: Mostly he's learned that there's no word for "no" in Japanese (not true), and a lot of words for yes. He wants his employees to no longer understand the meaning of the word no.

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