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After a long break -- just long enough for the world to forget this show -- we're back. Joshua Gomez tells us all to please put on our 3D glasses. Before anyone asks, yes, I watched the episode in 3D before writing the recaplet. And, no, I'm not going to weecap in 3D. I think that would probably kill my eyes. And my marriage, since my husband already discovered, during the first viewing of the episode, that I am even geekier than he realized. I don't know why he thought that, though. It couldn't have been that I kept pointing out the 3D portions, stopping to rewind, asking him to put on my 3D glasses, and then playing it for him. No, not that. Anyway, one more thing: Sobe should stick to beverages, because their 3D glasses suck. I thought they were dirty and kept trying to clean them, but nope: They just sucked. At least they look cool. Right?

We open with Chuck having a nightmare about Sarah shooting the Fulcrum agent at Christmas. Then he wakes up, only it's the still-in-the-dream waking up that happens all the time on TV, but never in my real life. He looks up and a sexy, lingerie-clad Sarah is trying to seduce him. He apologizes to her for not having more respect for women, which he usually does, even in his dreams. Ha. Only Chuck would apologize for not respecting a woman in a sexy dream.

He tells her he saw her shoot the agent, and that he needs to have this conversation in real life, not in a dream. She's all, "This isn't a dream, Chuck." Then ... wait for it. "It's a nightmare." And she wields a sharp kitchen knife and thrusts it toward him, all scary movie style. This should have been one of those cool 3D moments, but this is no Journey to the Center of the Earth so the knife didn't come out of my TV toward me at all. What a letdown. The next morning, Ellie and Awesome tease Chuck about screaming in his sleep. "Like a little girl." They pry, as usual, but Chuck won't tell them what's up. As usual. Though they do put the bug in his ear that he needs a day off, and he totally wants one.

When Chuck shows up at the Buy More, there's a huge line of crazed fans waiting for someone named Tyler Martin, whom we will call Charlie, because he is Charlie from Lost -- you know, from the band Driveshaft (yes, I know it's actually Dominic Monaghan, an actor who has been in other things; but he will be Charlie in this weecap). Morgan explains to Chuck that Charlie is some crazy rock star, and that he's coming to the Buy More, so they essentially have the day off. Morgan's never actually heard Charlie play, but he knows that Large Mart pulled the plug on his promotional appearance because of a sex tape.

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