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Project Runway For Spies
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Previously: Chuck's back at the Buy More, which is a big, fancy CIA base. Ellie's pregnant. Casey has a daughter. And Linda Hamilton is Chuck and Ellie's mom. Now: The show opens with a hot girl (Karolina Kurkova) in a sequined dress running from a suited man. Then she stops, turns, shoots him dead, and stands there looking sexy like any hottie would do after shooting someone dead.

In Burbank, Awesome's clearly up to speed on Ellie's pregnancy, and he's in freak-out mode, calling Ellie out of commission and telling Chuck, Sarah and Morgan they all have to step up and help. He wants to make important decisions about baby gear and also: what foreign language will the baby learn? They all remind Awesome he has a little time to prepare since the baby's not even here for six months. Ellie moves the focus to Chuck and Morgan going back to the Buy More, then she yawns, causing Awesome to have another Awesome freak-out. (remember when he was, like, a badass? What happened there?) She tells him to relax; the baby's the size of a walnut. Awesome tells her their little walnut already has eardrums and can hear her snippy tone. Chuck and Sarah whisper about how crazy this is, so Awesome tells them they could be next. Morgan, very reminiscent of Bugs Bunny as he munches on a carrot, mutters that Sarah would have to unpack before they could have a kid. Which is technically not true, of course, but it is effective exposition, because...

... Now we're in Chuck's closet, where Sarah's half is totally empty except for a fully packed suitcase. He tells her not to worry about Morgan; it's not weird at all that she hasn't unpacked in the eight months they've lived together. Cut to him at the Buy More telling Morgan how weird it is. Morgan tells Chuck that every relationship has an Achilles heel, a singular problem that can't be overcome, and it usually arrives just when things seem perfect. Chuck asks if Sarah not unpacking is their Achilles heel. Morgan just tells Chuck to keep his feelings to himself so as not to give Sarah a reason to bolt. General Redhead calls Chuck to her office, leaving Morgan to meet Old Spice guy Isaiah Mustafa, who is obviously a big, tough, perfect specimen of a man, staring down insultingly at puny, nerdy Morgan.

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