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"Dude, Did She Mean You or Me?"
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Stuff Chuck wants us to know: Casey had a fiancée and has a daughter named Alex. Morgan questioned Awesome about how happy Ellie is, because she was seeing a bad guy on the side. He told her Casey's an evil double agent. Chuck's doctor, Doc, told him that he's deteriorating mentally, but he told Sarah that Doc said he was fine. Chuck dreamed that Agent Superman was alive. Chuck's dad's going to make him a Governor to protect his brain from the Intersect. Which is what Bakula's doing when the episode begins, as Chuck paces nervously next to him, wondering how it's all going and offering him food and drinks. Bakula wants Chuck to relax, but that's not possible for Chuck since he doesn't have his own Governor yet. Bakula re-explains it all, even though the previouslies just did that, so I'll spare you. Bakula tells Chuck how proud he is of his courage, but then he tells Chuck he should run away from this battle. Chuck's not willing to turn his back on everyone he cares about, but Bakula foreshadows that there might come a time that he'll have to go in order to protect the ones he loves. Sarah comes in, and Chuck pretends his dad's just working on a family heirloom for him. She and Bakula talk Chuck into leaving Castle and letting Bakula work.

Buy More. Awesome comes in looking haggard. Or, you know, as haggard as it's possible for him to look, which is... pretty hot, actually. Morgan comments on the unkempt thing he has going, and Awesome says Ellie didn't come home last night. Morgan plays dumb -- "You don't say?" -- and wonders why Awesome would come to him. Awesome asks him why he was asking about their marriage, and Morgan confesses that she's having an affair. Awesome literally scoffs, which somehow doesn't seem arrogant or ugly on him. (Seriously; how does he pull it off?) Morgan calls Awesome "Devon," causing Awesome to realize the gravity of the situation, then he plays the phone message Ellie left. Awesome is stunned; Morgan rubs his shoulder and says, "I know. How could she do this to us?" Awesome excuses himself to call her. Jeffster!, eavesdropping nearby, wants to get in on "some of this Ellie action."

In the office where Ellie doesn't realize she's being held captive, she wonders why her phone won't work and tells Justin, who's checking in, that she needs to call her husband. He says they jam the phones so John Casey can't find them, and that he's onto them or something else that fools her into thinking she's in danger. She wants to call Chuck, but Justin lies they're bringing him in now. He tells her she's safe here because Casey won't show his face. Cut to Casey in a diner, being served breakfast by his daughter, Alex, even though he hasn't ordered yet. She says she knows what he wants by now since he's here all the time ordering the same thing. He asks about her criminal psych final and she says it was great, and she's moving on, but she'll make sure the next waitress takes good care of him. He thanks her and calls her "Alex," in case we were too obtuse to figure out who she is.

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