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Two Intersects In One
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We open on a close-up of a Clockwork Orange-style eye as a computerized voice explains they're going to run some tests. The guy asks what he's being tested for, and the computer says they'll show him a training video that will explain everything. Red light flashes and the guy obviously can't close his eyes. I can hardly stand to watch it.

Chuck's looking at something, all confused, when Sarah walks up behind him and asks if he's okay. Now, how could she tell from behind that he was looking confused? That Sarah sure is smart. He tells her he's not okay ever since Buster Bluth started playing romantic comedies on all the Buy More screens. Apparently, it's mostly Must Love Dogs, so I would say that Buster Bluth is also not very okay. Sarah asks Chuck about tonight, and he thinks there's a mission he doesn't know about. She's just talking about Valentine's Day, though. He completely forgot and wonders if she wants to do something. She was just curious, unless he wants to do something. He thinks it seems like they should do something. She agrees, since they've been cover dating for more than a year. They think it would be weird if they didn't do something. But then they decide to give their covers the night off. Until Morgan walks up and asks what their hot plans are, so they settle on tonight at 8. Sarah walks off and Morgan asks who would have ever thought the two of them would have two hot women like they do (except that Anna has been nowhere to be seen forever; I actually forgot she existed). Big Mike walks up, clearly pissed off, and says that their relationships with women who are so out of their league are a cruel trick of nature. He then yells at them to get to work. On his way back to his office, he also takes time to yell at Jeff and Lester. And he even yells at Buster for making cupcakes and wearing a toupee. Buster is just trying to look nice because "Henrietta" is in town for Valentine's Day, and he thinks the toupee doesn't look that different. Jeff and Lester stifle their laughter, because it looks completely ridiculous. Big Mike storms off, and Buster wonders who crapped in his box of chocolates.

Big Mike's yelling at someone on the phone in his office as Morgan, Jeff and Lester watch. They think Big Mike's actually working, and cannot believe it. Jeff thinks it might actually be a robot, so Lester's going to go stab him with a pen. Chuck suggests going to talk to him, and goes to do that himself. When he walks in, Big Mike asks him what kind of woman delivers divorce papers on Valentine's Day. Apparently, Big Mike's wife. And now Big Mike's working to keep himself from realizing he's going to spend the rest of his life alone and unloved. And he tells Chuck to make everyone else work harder, and get that damn Must Love Dogs off the TV. Good call on that one, at least.

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