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Chuck Versus The Sizzling Shrimp

We start on a close-up of a menu from "Bamboo Dragon," which is apparently the "home of sizzling shrimp." Morgan and Chuck are at Chuck's counter at Buy More, and when Sarah comes into view in her Weinerlicious outfit, Morgan wants to be sure that she knows that they're all hanging that night and having Chinese, which, taken together, is officially being referred to as "An Evening With Morgan." Morgan, she'll probably deign to hang out with you because you're Chuck's friend, but to expect her to have an appetite while doing it is maybe a little unreasonable. Morgan has no such concerns, though, in fact telling Chuck that this is Sarah's opportunity to prove to him that she's good enough for Chuck. It'd almost be touching if Morgan hadn't already discolored half the Buy More's surfaces with his Sarah-inspired drool. When he's gone, Chuck explains to Sarah that he hasn't gotten to hang out with anyone this week, so Morgan wanted the bunch of them to spend the evening together. Sarah refers to it as "An Evening Of Morgan," and Sarah, it's going to be tough enough without you switching words that make it sound even worse. Casey expresses his extreme glee at Sarah's misfortune, smiling that instead of an evening with Morgan, "I'd rather Afghani warlords bleed me from my liver." He walks away, prompting Chuck to note that he's a "happy person. And he works hard." Heh.

Chinatown, L.A.-style. We're at the Chinese consulate, from which a man emerges and answers his ringing cell phone, greeting his "paranoid sister." "Lee" informs her that he's not in any trouble, which is the cue for a van to pull up and deposit some masked thugs on the sidewalk, who quickly tranq-dart Lee's driver and kidnap Lee, leaving his cell on the sidewalk. Oh, and the van just happens to bear the name "Bamboo Dragon." What, did the alley outside the restaurant run out of dogs? (Kidding! Don't email me!)

So despite Chuck specifically mentioning Ellie when telling Sarah about the evening, it's just Chuck, Morgan, and Sarah on the sidewalk heading to the restaurant, as Morgan is saying that first on the agenda is dinner, which will consist of sizzling shrimp. After that, they'll be screening 'the greatest kung-fu film ever made -- Enter The Dragon. Okay, I would totally be in for that, and Morgan and Chuck do these harmonized electronic voices when saying the movie's name, which is pretty awesome and makes Sarah laugh. Morgan says the third act can only be found in Chinatown, and when we focus on a seedy-looking guy up the road, Chuck gets serious and says he thought Morgan was off this stuff. I am actually doing this weecap from my DVR without having watched it first, so if it's fireworks here, I can honestly say that I guessed it for real. Chuck: "You know how I feel about fireworks!" For my genius, you guys have to give me a sparkler. Anyway, Chuck has some silly fear of losing a limb, so the fireworks are ix-nayed, but Morgan and Sarah still high-five over the prospect of "getting [their] shrimp on."

However, Bamboo Dragon has a sign on the door saying they're closed for a private party. Morgan is bummed, and wants in -- and it turns out that he knows one of the dishwashers, and said dishwasher has left a key hidden by the stairs for emergencies. If I were that dishwasher, I'd be worried about getting fired, since I'd think for Morgan an "emergency" would be "having the munchies with Domino's closed." Anyway, Morgan goes up to his friend as Chuck and Sarah wait at the edge of the kitchen, but when Chuck sees a woman reach for a plate and reveal a tattoo of a Chinese character on her wrist, his brain goes nuts with blipverted images -- a tiger, Red Square, tanks, secret files. Chuck blurts out that the waitress is "Mei-Ling Cho, Chinese intelligence. Never set foot on U.S. soil before." Morgan returns with the sizzling shrimp, and Sarah, in response to Chuck's revelation, is like, "Oh my God." Morgan skeeves that he's just Morgan, but he appreciates the enthusiasm. I'm pretty sure Sarah isn't under the impression that God's five-foot-three.

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