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Problems With Authority
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No previouslies, but don't worry because this episode basically stands on its own. Instead, we get Yvonne in one of those NBC promos they've done this season with people saying funny things at a microphone. She says, "I have three little words to say to you, "Chuck, Heroes, My Own Worst Enemy... Okay, that was six. Who wrote this?!"

The episode starts with title cards telling us it's a "Top Secret Location, 1994" and we see two people doing karate outside -- a black guy in a black karate suit and a white guy in a white karate suit. We zoom in and see that it's Casey with a really bad wig and Marcus Dixon. Dixon, it turns out, is Casey's sensei and he has a really bad, unidentifiable accent. He keeps beating the crap out of Casey, and tells him the reason is that he has too much conflict in his center, and must instead fill it with calm. Until he finds his calm center he will never beat his sensei.

In the present, Buster Bluth is testing Casey's calm by trying to get him to smile more. He's in Casey's face and is so annoying that I don't know if anyone could find their calm center, but Casey finds it and musters a half-smile and tells Buster "You bet!" and walks off. Chuck and Morgan walk by just then and Morgan tells Chuck how much Casey scares him. Chuck says that's because Casey keeps his feelings all bottled up to the point he's a "seething mass of pain." Morgan asks about Jill (this is what we get in lieu of previouslies, apparently), and Chuck says that's over and he's back with Sarah again. She calls right then.

Then we're in the Orange Orange's Super Secret Lair, where Sarah's asking Chuck if the Global Launch Agency, or GLA, means anything to him. Chuck has heard of them, because they've sent probes to every planet except Pluto. But Pluto's not a planet anymore, anyway, which really bums Chuck out. Casey's like, "That's true. Space camp is where all the cool kids go." I really don't have to say anything funny to make fun of Chuck ever, because Casey pretty much always does that for me. I love him for that. Agent Redhead explains that GLA also develops weapons and other top-secret things for the NSA. She wants Chuck to survey the GLA headquarters and see if he flashes on anything. Chuck doesn't know why he has to start up again right now, after just finding out Jill's Fulcrum. Casey's an ass about it, but Sarah is positive and peppy, telling him a new mission might be just what he needs.

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