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Montgomery. Roan Montgomery.

Big Mike walks up to the building the next day and is confused because the banner says "New Ass Man" which is kind of true, because Lester was being a dick. In the super-secret spy cave, the trio talks to the General. Casey and Sarah gush about Chuck's contributions. He's practically blushing. But the General just says thanks for his service and tells them they now can rebuild the intersect with the cipher and he can get back to his life. He interrupts her. He wants more from the government. He's got demands.

At his house, Awesome's trying to apologize to Ellie, but when they walk in, there are flower petals everywhere and a roaring fire, an a nice dinner. She's so excited. It's the dream date Chuck knew Ellie wanted. Awesome is happy too. Chuck tells Sarah it's all thanks to the CIA. She thanks him for saving her life, and says his leap was actually impressive. He's like, "Right?" He tries to flirt by saying he's just an asset, but come on, isn't he kind of cool? She admits she's never seen anyone like him. Montgomery walks out of Casey's apartment and tells him why he failed Casey so many times -- it had nothing to do with him, but rather his hot partner. Sarah scoots off. Roan forces Chuck not to go desperately puppy-dogging after her. He gives him more dating advice, it involves a white dinner jacket, wine and a red rose. Montgomery gets a call from Diane --even the General is getting lucky. Chuck puts on his Roan-approved attire and heads over to Sarah's. He knocks on the door. She opens the door and seems surprised to see him. Chuck is also surprised, because there's a guy there... and it's the one and only Bryce Larkin. Cue crestfallen Chuck. So sad! Roan needs to come back to help out!

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