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Montgomery. Roan Montgomery.

Chuck's all jazzed. Wants to know if Sarah saw his smooth move, but Julie's got Sarah's mic, and Sarah and Casey. She wants the cipher back, or she'll kill the agents.

Lester is at the Buy More. It's late. Everyone is grumbling. He forces them to respect him by introducing the Wheel of Misfortune. Morgan is up. It lands on "You're Fired." Anna says if Morgan's out, so is she. This leads to a full-on walk out. And Lester cans them all.

Montgomery is sloshed. He informs Chuck that Casey and Sarah are as good as dead. Chuck challenges Roan to be the world's greatest spy. Roan is all about self-preservation. Besides, Roan's not in love with one of the agents. I'm guessing he doesn't mean Casey. Chuck denies it, saying he heard what Sarah said about him being just an asset. Roan paraphrases some Shakespeare, and then asks if Sarah's worth dying for. Yup. Roan says that's against Rule 1 in spy land. But Chuck isn't a spy. And he doesn't think all that much of Roan, who is supposed to be a legend.

The next morning, Chuck tries to reach the General, to ask for help. She's unavailable. Then he sees Awesome sleeping on the couch, he screwed up. He's going to make it up to Ellie somehow, he hopes he's not too late. Chuck knows that feeling. Then at the Buy More, it's just Chuck and Lester. Lester begs Chuck for help. The staff returns, thanks to Chuck. Anna negotiates the labor disputes, which means that they get longer lunches, extra bathroom time, and Lester has to spin the wheel. He's got diaper station duty.

Roan is all suited up and he means business. He helps Chuck come up with a plan, that hopefully won't get everyone killed. They send a nerdy guy with a package to throw things off. Chuck tells Julie Cooper a new place to meet, and make sure she's brings the hostages. He's all stern and demanding. Go Chuck! But then she calls back. She needs directions. Roan looks dismayed. Doesn't she have GPS? Julie Cooper, her team of thugs and the hostages arrive at the Buy More. They are welcomed by a virtual Chuck, who's taken over all the TV screens. He's got the cipher, he'll give it to her when his friends are out of the store. But into the frame walks a KGB heavy. Chuck is on the run, he's spry. He makes it up to the roof, and locks the KGB guy out. Julie Cooper says that now that Chuck's cornered on the roof, it's time to kill the hostages. But Roan doesn't take to kindly to that idea. He holds a gun to her head. Even Casey looks impressed. Casey and Roan get free, but Julie Cooper grabs Sarah. Chuck panics, but Roan tells him to remember the story he told him about the bedsheet. Chuck spots Lester's banner, and is skeptical about jumping. Then he sees the distressed Sarah, and says he's got to die sometime, and he knocks Julie Cooper out with his daring swing off the building. Roan says Chuck's a spy.

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