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Montgomery. Roan Montgomery.

Sarah assures the general she can handle this and chases Chuck upstairs. He's not cut out for the extreme lifestyle. She says if they get the cipher, he can get on with chasing his dreams. She basically throws herself in the mix. How can Chuck really say no. She's hot. He looks at the file, sees John Laroquette and flashes to some playboyish lifestyle. He lives in Palm Springs, and he's basically James Bond.

The trio heads off to Palm Springs, at least Chuck ditched his button-down work shirt. Apparently Casey is still miffed because Roan failed him in a class. They get to Montgomery's place, and see that the door is open. The place is trashed, and there appears to be a dead guy under the couch. Nope. He's not dead. Just passed out drunk. And an old-school stewardess with one of those little pillbox hats and a jaunty scarf walks in and is nearly shot. Chuck can't believe his fate is in this man's booze-holding hands. He's doomed to be the intersect forever.

Hooray for catchy theme song! And now we see Awesome and Ellie having breakfast. Awesome wants Ellie to come have a quickie with him in the shower. Chuck starts regurgitating his breakfast. Ellie takes this opportunity to tell Awesome that he's stopped being romantic and they never go on dates any more. Arby's doesn't count. Ellie wishes that her relationship was more like Chuck and Sarah's, because his eyes light up every time he sees her. How is that possible, Ellie wonders? Oh, perhaps because it is just a fake dating scenario, but he's got a bad case of unrequited love. Awesome wants the secret. Chuck says they pretend like they aren't really dating and he has to keep winning her over constantly. Awesome's up for this challenge.

At Montgomery's house, Sarah and Casey are explaining to the General why Montgomery isn't exactly the key to their problems. He's having trouble staying upright, for one. Just then, a dapper-looking Montgomery comes downstairs with advice on how to extract info from Julie Cooper. The General, a.k.a. Diane, is positively swooning. Julie Cooper needs to be seduced, and she can't suspect the guy is an agent.

Lester is passing off work onto Chuck. Casey walks up to the Nerd Herd desk and tells Chuck he needs his services "in a romantic capacity." Chuck prays that Sarah is involved. Sort of. Sarah explains that Chuck's got to woo Julie Cooper. Chuck doesn't think a former KGB agent would pick his dopey self. That's why John Larroquette is here. He's playing Ty Pennington and giving Chuck an Extreme James Bond Makeover. Which includes important information on how to properly drink a martini. Chuck's impressed/horrified and tells Sarah that Montgomery's liver "must look like camouflage."

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