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Montgomery. Roan Montgomery.

Previously: Lester took over the assistant manager position. The new intersect was put online and then exploded. Chuck almost had a chance at a real life. Went on a date with Sarah. Chuck's still the only intersect.

Chuck arrives at work with Casey. Neither looks pleased to be back at the Buy More. They both thought they'd be blowing this pop stand. Casey breaks it down for Chuck in small words. Intersect goes kablooey. Agent Graham is in teeny tiny bits. You've got to suck it up and deal. Your skills at Gears of War will not help you here. He should get used to his fate as a working man. At which point Chuck looks up and sees a banner proclaiming that the Buy More is under new assistant management. Oh no. Someone's gone all power hungry.

Lester is giving a pep talk, spilling everyone's secrets. Morgan likes to reshrink wrap the DVDs he's watched and put them back on the shelves. No more. Only refer to Lester as the boss, Mr. Patel... or, if you're feeling spicy, el jefe. And most importantly, all questions must be addressed to him. Not to Chuck, even though our loveable nerd is the one who actually knows how things work around here. Morgan tries to cheer up a depressed Chuck. He tells him no matter how bad his life is, and how much this dead end job sucks, he gets to go home to Sarah. And there she is, a vision in orange with windblown hair and doing cartwheels and a cat crawl across the floor and gives Chuck a big kiss. But what kind of kiss, a real one or a fake one? Chuck's understandably confused. Of course, it is a matter of national security, but hey, he shouldn't complain.

Over at her Sarah's pristine workplace -- I miss the wiener stand and her cute German uniform -- Chuck suggests a vacation together. Sarah reminds him that it wouldn't be professional. He brings up Bryce. She says that was different because he was an agent. She wasn't tasked with protecting Bryce's well-being. Then Chuck notices they are in a freezer, that leads to a secret underground lair! Awesome. The CIA sprung for some fancy, well-equipped new digs. Much swankier than the Buy More screening room. Guess this means they are sticking around. General Beckman pops up via satellite to tell Chuck that's up to him. The Intersect is kaput. The Cipher is still out there. Sasha Banacheck, former KGB agent and the one-time Julie Cooper, may have it. But she's a tough cookie, she doesn't break under pressure or torture. Only one agent has gotten close, some dude named Roan Montgomery. Casey looks displeased at this info. He used to be Casey's boss and he hated him. Good times. They need Chuck's help, but he says no way. He's out. He doesn't want any more to do with them. He's retiring to his quiet, if degrading life.

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