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"Never Go On A Mission Angry"
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A few things Chuck wants us to know. Roan Montgomery is an old-school James Bond type with a history with General Redhead. Clara was born, and Chuck proposed to Sarah, and it all felt very much like a season finale. But it was just a week ago. So here we are now, in Marrakesh. With Roan. He's wandering through a fancy party, then makes a call about how he wishes someone would pick up, he's sorry he couldn't make it but is thinking of this someone. "Sweet dreams and besos, my flower." He hangs up and hits on a hottie at the bar. He tells her he's in town to find out who's making the counterfeit bills. It doesn't go on long before she calls him by his name, and two other hotties scoot in, and they taser him. He looks up at their pretty faces: "What a way to go."

Cut to a similar view as Roan's, only this one is of all of Clara's family: mom, dad, uncle, soon-to-be auntie, and grandma. And even Morgan and Casey. They all ooh and aah, until she cries. Grandma Bartowski picks her up and calms her down, saying she handles babies the same way as a delicate explosive. Awesome's going to edit that part out of the video. Then Morgan corners Casey in the kitchen and asks him to please talk to his ex and Alex's mom, Kathleen, and let her know he's alive. That way, when Morgan meets her for dinner soon, he won't have to lie. Casey growls, but ultimately agrees to think about it. While they're making more baby videos, Awesome turns it on Sarah and Chuck and everyone starts grilling them about their wedding. They're not loving it, and Casey isn't either. The three of them agree they need bad guys, and a mission, to escape this family intensity. Cake-y credits.

Castle. Casey turns on General Redhead, who's drinking whiskey at her desk. They apologize for disturbing her, but she pretends there's nothing unusual about what she's doing here, getting drunk on the government's dime. They don't care, though; they just need a mission. She tells them there's one, but it's off the books and dangerous, and they'd be on their own. They're in! She tells them to go rescue Roan. Chuck reminds us Roan's the seduction master, and wonders what happened. Sarah wonders if perhaps Roan took an elective trip and hasn't been captured. General Redhead won't hear it, and says he was investigating Fatima, who has an Army of fellow hotties. Speaking of hot, General Redhead's all hot and bothered as she shuts herself off. Chuck wonders what the hell is up, so Casey and Sarah fill him in on the General's history with Roan. Which is why, Sarah says, they better go get him back.

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