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Out With a Bang
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We open on warm L.A. decorated for Christmas, and the opening of "Jingle Bell Rock." Then we're in the Buy More parking lot, where Big Mike and Buster Bluth are parking next to each other in the exact same car. They make small talk about how much they love Christmas Eve because of desperate last-minute shoppers. Big Mike asks Buster if he jacked the prices up ten percent, and Buster says, "Fifteen. You snooze you lose." And ... Merry Christmas!

The music softens, but continues but now we're in the Orange Orange where Sarah's actually doing yogurt shop work: arranging cups, etc. She sees a sign, that has a family all dressed in white and off-white (um, that is a fashion faux-pas, I think), with the words: "family holiday spirit" and "introducing eggnog yogurt" written on it. She looks sad. Probably because she loves eggnog yogurt, but is lactose intolerant. Man, that must suck! Right then Chuck walks in and asks her if the bad guys are taking a holiday, too, what with all the quiet. Then he tells her they have a cover date on Christmas: "Christmas at the Bartowskis!" She appreciates it, but she doesn't do Christmas. He doesn't buy it, because Christmas couldn't have been that weird for her, but she tells him growing up it always meant the annual Salvation Army con job. He gives her "weird," but says the Bartowski Christmas is different. It's eggnog (Chuck! You'll just make her sad talking about the eggnog), pajamas, and a fake gas fireplace. Oh, and best of all, Twilight Zone marathons. He tells her he's not taking no for an answer, so she might as well prepare to be heartwarmed.

Chuck arrives at the Buy More, and Morgan (dressed in the best elf suit ever) is thankful to see him, because he has girl troubles: Anna won't speak to him ever since he balked at the whole moving in thing. (Wait. But then he got the money from selling the DeLorean, which meant they could move in. Are we supposed to assume he balked again because of the General Lee?) Chuck asks if she thinks he's immature and afraid to grow up. Morgan says yeah, and thinks that's ridiculous. He asks if he doesn't look like an adult to Chuck. And remember the elf suit? So ... not so much. Chuck just walks off.

Over at the TV wall, Jeff, Lester, and Anna are watching a high-speed car chase on the news, and placing bets on what will happen. Chuck's glad to see they're all in the Christmas spirit. Speaking of, Big Mike (in a Santa suit) yells for Chuck to round up "the freaks" and meet him at Santa's Village since they open in hour.

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