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Chuck Versus The Sandworm

...and then they're worming out into the courtyard as "It Takes Two" plays. Hee. The sandworm does appear to be a big hit, but Ellie nonetheless comes running up in her Eve costume to ask Chuck how the interview went (and she assumes Chuck is in the front, a nice little touch). Chuck admits that he skipped out on the interview, but Sarah appears out of nowhere, dressed in the same costume she was wearing at "Comic-Con," and takes responsibility, saying she had an emergency and Chuck came through for her. "Your brother is kind of a hero." Well, as long as he doesn't start crying X-Files black oil from his eyes and killing everyone around him. Chuck then ducks into the worm costume and asks Morgan if it's cool if he takes a five-minute break. Morgan: "Take ten if you need it." Someone hasn't listened to that album.

In the bedroom, Sarah gets her camera out and takes a real picture of them (aw), and then Morgan appears at the window, as people are loudly calling for the sandworm again. Sarah heads back out, and Morgan asks what they were talking about. Chuck gets An Idea and tells Morgan that Sarah told him if he were stranded on a desert island, she would bring roast beef! Morgan is aghast, and he's not the only one, as when it's clear where this is going, Casey, listening in, shuts his eyes in pain. HA!

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