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Chuck Versus The Sandworm

...and then he's grabbing a bike out of the rack and hitting the road.

At some point soon after, the guy from Corporate is calling for Chuck; he asks Morgan where he is, but Morgan doesn't know, of course. Harry Tang And Theme Music then appear and taunt Morgan; first Chuck bailed on him and their "space penis" (hee) costume, and now he's not showing up for his interview. This speech has the opposite effect from the one Tang intended, though... Morgan marches in to see the Corporate guy and tells him how ripping awesome Chuck is, including his ability to recite The Wrath Of Khan word for word. Corporate Guy: That was an awesome speech, but that doesn't change the fact that Harry's got the job. Also, for our information, Harry's middle name is "Tiberius," and if reference isn't made to the Kobayashi Maru at some point this season, I'll be the one screaming, "KHAAAAAAAAAN!"

Chuck reaches the boardwalk and heads down under it, finding the car rigged to blow. What he doesn't seem to notice, however, is that the timer, set at a minute, isn't running. YET. Laszlo appears, mentions the self-destruct function, and tosses Chuck the keys -- which gets the timer going, due to Chuck clearing the "fingerprint recognition system." Laszlo says this is his revenge for what the government did to him. Casey then calls and tells Chuck that someone armed the Herder's self-destruct. Chuck: "Yeah, I know. It was me." I know we're at like, Minute Fifty-Two here, but I still think a quick reaction shot of Casey wasn't too much to ask.

Laszlo tells Chuck that he can stop the bomb by cutting the red wire, and hands Chuck cutters for the job. However, when Laszlo makes a comment about the end of Goldfinger, which he had earlier purported never to have seen, Chuck realizes that Laszlo was playing him all along -- he knew Chuck would believe him when he claimed that he wanted to live a normal, peaceful life. Despite Casey and Sarah appearing with guns drawn and Laszlo screaming to cut the red wire, Chuck disobeys and snips the green one. Ding ding ding! You get to keep your adorable face. The agents take Laszlo away as Chuck struggles to compose himself.

Chuck returns to the Buy More, where Tang gloats to him. Chuck just walks away, though, and then the Asian girl falls into step with Chuck and tells him about what Morgan did for him. Also, Chuck realizes that it was Morgan's bike he took. He runs out.

At the party, CA is in costume, and it's not nice of the episode to tempt me to pause so close to the end. What follows for the next minute or so is a complete homage to/send-up of the end of The O.C.'s "The Countdown," only instead of Ryan cinematically catching Marissa at the party, it's Chuck catching up to Morgan. (The song playing is even the same -- "Dice" by Finley Quaye and Beth Orton.) Of course, there's no Oliver equivalent, unless you count the sandworm, which actually seems about right. Also, to the whole scene: HEE, especially the part where they meet and you see that Chuck is about seven feet three inches taller than Morgan. Chuck offers to let Morgan be the head this year...

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