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Chuck Versus The Sandworm

At Buy More, Chuck playfully welcomes Laszlo. "How can I be of assistance?" Laszlo doesn't ask where he keeps the C4, but I guess he figures he can find it himself.

Laszlo is in the TV room and loaded up with junk food. He thanks Chuck profusely for the place to crash for the night, but when he reveals that he also grabbed an A View To A Kill DVD, Chuck settles in. Sarah calls, but Laszlo begs him not to take it, and Chuck complies. He then asks for Chuck's watch so he can disable the transponder, and Chuck hands it over and asks how he's going to do that. He gets his answer when Laszlo stomps on it. Hey, the biggest geniuses know when to keep things simple. Laszlo then settles in and says that he broke into Chuck's car earlier and disabled the fancy government GPS system, and Chuck realizes that Laszlo designed it. Laszlo says now, no one in the world knows where they are. This sounds like the part of a Lifetime movie where the newlywed realizes that her perfect groom has a few skeletons in his closet. And given the way that Chuck's been mooning at Laszlo for most of the episode, it kind of is.

Sarah gets Chuck's voicemail; she leaves a message telling him to go to his car and wait for her.

The movie finishes, and Chuck crows about what a great bad guy Zorin was. Laszlo, however, thinks Zorin was the hero, and then basically threatens to use the interface he designed to be like Matthew Broderick in WarGames, only intentionally evil. It's amazing the moderating influence Ally Sheedy can have on the male nerd's psyche. Anyway, Chuck's horrified, but he covers by inviting Laszlo to watch Goldfinger, as that's up his alley. Laszlo agrees, and I can't believe Chuck got his way there without even having to tempt Lazlo with the promise of Pussy Galore. Chuck babbles that he's going to get more popcorn, but when he's in the main area, he listens to several irate voicemails from Casey and then the one we already heard from Sarah...

...and then Chuck gets into his car...only to find Laszlo there already. Laszlo says he's not responsible for what happens now, and then the agents pull up and train their guns on the car. Chuck tries to tell Laszlo that he should just surrender and everything will be cool. Laszlo punches some buttons on the console, though, and a second steering wheel pops out of the dashboard in front of him. He looks at Chuck: "Everything is not gonna be cool." Dude, weren't you watching what you just did? His controls seem to have a hand accelerator and brake, because he peels out, and the agents pursue...

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