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Chuck Versus The Sandworm

Laszlo is telling Chuck about how, when he was eleven, he got recruited in an arcade by some government agent. I don't know how Chuck has room after all the pancakes, but he is eating this up with a spoon. The check comes, and Laszlo begs poor, but gives Chuck an IOU in the form of the napkin drawing, which is far more elaborate than when we saw it before. Still, I'd rather have the ten bucks. Laszlo then asks Chuck not to tell his handlers about him, and when Chuck protests that they're the good guys, Laszlo laughs sardonically and tells Chuck to check his room for bugs...

...and when Chuck takes Laszlo's advice, he finds them all over the place -- in the living room, bathroom, phone -- and in the picture frame Sarah just gave him.

And then Chuck's busting into Casey's apartment, demanding to know where Casey gets off spying on him like that. Casey (in a silk-looking bathrobe, heh) thinks Chuck has no reason to be upset, since Casey's the one who has to listen to Chuck and Morgan yammer away for hours on such subjects as what kind of sandwich they'd take to a desert island. Chuck doesn't think they were so prolific on that subject, so Casey plays him the audio file of said conversation, with Chuck arguing the relative merits of mayonnaise. Chuck: "Well, I'll have you know I stand by my mayonnaise theory [hee] and you're still a giant douche for spying on me like that." Casey asks how he found the bugs, anyway, and when he hears it was because of Laszlo, he gets all het up. Chuck: "I'm sorry, Casey, did I violate your trust?" I'd be heartbroken if Chuck ever got bitter and jaded, but I still like when the snark gets let out to play.

At Wienerlicious, a customer enters who sets Sarah's alarm bells off, and she's surreptitiously drawing a knife from the back of her skirt even as she's bidding the guy willkommen. But it's actually the guy whom Laszlo brained, and show, I appreciate that you made it possible that Laszlo escaped before Chuck downloaded the Intersect, but given that, this dude's laptop-inflicted facial injuries should have healed by now, no?

Chuck enters his room to find Laszlo sitting in the dark, which understandably startles him. Laszlo asks Chuck to hide him, and Chuck says he knows a place. I seriously thought it was going to be in the rear end of the Sandworm. I mean, that thing's barely been mentioned yet and it's the episode title!

The agent is telling Sarah that Lazslo is mentally unstable and off his meds, and currently running around Los Angeles. Good luck picking him out of the crowd, then. He says they think Laszlo wants to make a bomb. "And God help whoever's in his way when he decides to go off."

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