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Chuck Versus The Sandworm

Ellie and CA arrive home to find Morgan sitting morosely in the courtyard, and CA says they should "help the little guy out." If you can do that, dude, you are Captain Super Awesome To The Nth Degree For Life.

In the pancake house, Laszlo is telling Chuck that he designed whatever the government needed -- thermal vision sunglasses, a parachute disguised as a backpack, you name it. Chuck says that he's like a real life Q, but Laszlo is barely even familiar with Bond, as he's been kept in an underground lab for the last ten years. Well, he doesn't look twenty-seven, so unless he got his PhD from Dungeon U., I'm not sure about the story here. Laszlo doodles something on his napkin as he says he worked in the lab and played video games, but had no friends or family. Chuck says that's inhumane, and thinks it's no wonder Bryce...I mean, "Laszlo" blew up his research and escaped. Not that Bryce was held in an underground facility and had no friends, but the part about blowing up the research seems quite similar, no? Laszlo then asks Chuck what his special skill is, since if he didn't have one, the government wouldn't be protecting him like they are -- what is Chuck super-good at? Chuck: "Let's just say...I'm a computer guy." Laszlo's face: "You couldn't even sell that to me? I grew up in a cave, here."

Morgan asks Ellie if he's immature, but before she can respond, CA's voice cuts in and asks Morgan to join him in the kitchen: "I'll handle this one, honey." Oh, dear. This would be real approach-avoidance dilemma if my job didn't mean I have no choice but to go forward...

...and then they're in not the kitchen but the bedroom, as CA puts his arm around Morgan and leads him to the mirror as he tells him that every man reaches the point where he has to ask himself this: "Am I a tucker?" Hee. He's referring to his shirt, and says that he wasn't always a tucker. And still isn't always, as he very often (thankfully) isn't wearing a shirt at all. Morgan's nervous about the whole thing, prompting CA to squeeze his shoulders: "You're safe in here." HEE. Morgan finally does tuck, but complains that his "junk's out there for the whole world to see." CA thinks maybe that's the point. If anyone in the world could sell that position, it's CA. So now we know it can't be done.

Now they're on the couch, and CA practically has his arm draped around Morgan, yet he's projecting a thoroughly hetero vibe. He is one of a kind. Love. He and Morgan are sipping brandy, I think, and he's telling Morgan that as a man, he has to be direct, open, and honest. Morgan immediately blurts out that when he was twelve, he hid under Ellie's bed so he could watch her undress. CA: "Excellent!" Hee. Quick shots of CA busting out some product for Morgan's hair and then finishing the tucking job for Morgan, and we're out.

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