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Chuck Versus The Sandworm

Chuck's in the break room when Casey comes storming in, bitching that he's starting to feel like the guy who gets picked last. "I don't like feeling like Team Chuck's little fat kid!" Aw, poor Casey. Would a doughnut make it better? Apparently not, as Casey snarks on Chuck some more before slamming out of there.

Chuck's finishing up with an elderly customer, who's delighted with the service until she looks over at the TV monitors and sees a girl's butt on close-up on all of them. Turns out Morgan is demonstrating the zoom feature on a camera to a couple of young horndogs, whom Chuck shoos away before telling Morgan he's really close to getting fired for sexual harassment. Morgan says that Chuck used to be cool, but Chuck asks, "When was that? When we were thirteen?" Er, I kind of doubt that, Chuck, and this is coming from a fellow D&D nerd. Chuck, no doubt having Big Mike's speech in the back of his mind, tells Morgan to grow up, and Morgan walks away without a word. That's not exactly what Chuck had in mind, nor is the part where Lester and Jeff come up and mock-praise him for his handling of the situation.

Casey draws the curtains in the TV room and patches in to Headquarters, and the red-haired general tells him that Laszlo escaped "last month" (okay, they're on the same page), and says that he's a weapons designer and "government brain" -- graduated college at age fourteen, got a PhD at seventeen, and has been with them ever since, and they can't afford to lose him, so Casey needs to bring him in. She cautions him to be careful, and shows Casey what he did to his handlers. From the pictures, it looks like he gave them sleeping pills and then knocked them in the noses to make them bleed. Or, if you're into much wilder possibilities, he killed them.

Outside the Buy More, Chuck is heading for his car when a guy in a mask accosts him and points a gun at his head -- and when he pulls off the mask, it's Laszlo, of course. He tells Chuck that he didn't kill anyone -- he was framed. Chuck points out that he's acting like a murderer, like, way to give him an excuse, genius.

Laszlo tells Chuck he tapped into the encrypted video feed at the store, and he figures Chuck must have told the agents about him. A car horn distracts Laszlo, though, giving Chuck the opportunity to grab the pistol, and there's a struggle and it's all very tense until something drips on Chuck and he asks, "Is that a water gun?" Hee. Laszlo apologizes and asks Chuck to help him clear his name -- but first, he'd like some pancakes. Dude, this weecap is hard enough to get in on deadline without you distracting me like that.

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