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Chuck Versus The Sandworm

...and that's apparently in Santa Monica, in an arcade, where he's about to play the guitar version of Dance Dance Revolution. Morgan says some guy has been handing him his ass all week -- and we recognize the kid from the opening sequence. And we're not the only ones, as Chuck flashes on him -- his name is "Lazslo Mahnovski," and he's wanted by the FBI. I'm going to give the show the benefit of the doubt and assume that Laszlo's escape happened some time ago -- more specifically, before Chuck got the Intersect. I do wonder how they're going to keep Chuck's information relevant, though. Anyway, Chuck tells Morgan that Laszlo is dangerous, like, way to absorb those spy techniques, kid. Laszlo takes a long look at Chuck's watch and then bails on the game, but soon after, he accosts Chuck and asks who he's working for -- turns out he designed Chuck's watch for the CIA. He wants answers out of Chuck, but Morgan reappears, and Laszlo hightails it out of there. You kind of have to admire his instincts. Morgan chases him out to the boardwalk, but he's gone, and Chuck gapes his way into the opening credits.

Chuck arrives home and asks if Sarah's there, and CA is jazzed to tell him that she's in his room and has a surprise for him: "Get in there, slugger." Chuck breathlessly runs in and asks about Laszlo, but all Sarah says as she starts to go is that they're looking into who he is, along with commending Chuck for following protocol. Given Chuck's trampling of procedure through the rest of the episode, Sarah, you might want to savor this moment a little longer. Chuck, in fact, asks her to remain, but because CA and Ellie are expecting that he's getting lucky. Sarah fumbles for a moment before asking him how long he'd like her to stay, and the response is forty-two minutes and fifteen seconds -- the length of Arcade Fire's first album, which is "an auditory aphrodisiac." Heh. Chuck puts on the music and sits on the bed with Sarah, and as long as we're talking A-words, this sure is Awfully Awkward. Chuck breaks the silence by asking why Sarah was in his room anyway, and she says she wanted to surprise him as she gives him a (clearly Photoshopped) picture of the two of them at Comic-Con -- Sarah's dressed in some jungle-woman-type outfit and standing next to Chuck, who's looking very cute in a brown leather vest over a white long-sleeved shirt. Chuck likes it, but he notes that they've never been to Comic-Con, and he wistfully says they look like a real couple. Sarah says they're just a different kind of couple. Chuck: "That we are."

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