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Spy of the Tiger
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Instead of a few things Chuck wants us to know, Morgan introduces us to his boss, Chuck, and his girlfriend, via Hart to Hart-style fake opening credits (thanks to Trini Girl for pointing out what show that was; I was stumped). Then we get a zoom-in on Morgan's eye (think Lost gimmick), as he wakes up from his dream about Chuck and Sarah. When he heads to the kitchen for a midnight snack, he thinks Chuck's there, but it's Sarah in a skimpy nightie. She offers Morgan orange juice, but he starts in about "vitamin Cs," "vitamin Ds" and "jugs," so she walks off. Next morning, Chuck comes out all smiley, and Morgan finds his happiness insulting to the people in the house who aren't having sex. And he'd like Sarah to wear more clothes, since he has started wearing pajamas on her account even though he likes to sleep in the nude. Chuck says to expect her there more since he's going to ask her to move in. She's standing behind him, so Morgan leaves them alone to talk about it. She wonders why they'd move in together, and doesn't want to mess with a good thing. Plus, they're not a normal couple. She opens the couch and grabs a gun. Chuck scolds her for having guns in his house, but she tells him about the 30-foot rule: No agent should be without a weapon. He says the Bartowski rule is "No guns in my apartment." She says not if he wants to live with a spy.

Cut to the Congo, where Ellie and Awesome are arriving at a new clinic. She's leaving a message on Chuck's phone until Awesome tells her they're there and she gets off. They get out in the rain, and Ellie's stressed about the men walking around with guns and the not showering or sleeping. Awesome reminds her it's the toughest job you'll ever love, and offers to make her dinner under the stars that night. They kiss, all happy.

Back at Castle, Chuck and Sarah are getting their mission, which is to observe spy power couple the Turners. No one knows who they are until General Redhead gives code names, some of which ring bells for Casey and Sarah. In other words: They're legends. General Redhead says that, since Chuck and Sarah insist on being a couple, she wants them to see how it's done since the Turners have been married for thirty years, "more or less." Casey's assignment is to get Morgan field-ready. He doesn't want to, but General Redhead tells him he's a diamond in the "very, very rough," and she's sure he can make him sparkle. Casey grunts.

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