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Chuck ... Make That Bryce

Wedding reception. Big Mike and Morgan's mom are happy. So are the older Awesomes. And Chuck. Ellie thanks him for her wedding gift. She doesn't know how he did all this. He can't take all the credit, but she says he's pretty amazing. Sometimes she thinks he has super powers. He wishes. Ellie: "I know." They both giggle. Awesome comes up and thanks Chuck for saving the day, saying, "It looks like you're the big hero." Awesome calls Chuck "Bro," and Chuck says now he really is his bro. Chuck sees Morgan and goes over to him. He can't believe he's actually leaving him. Morgan tells him, "Don't, or I'll cry." Morgan says making your dreams come true is hard. He says, "On one side, the girl you love. On the other side, your life as you know it." Chuck looks at Sarah, and tells him to go with his heart, because our brains only screw things up.

Chuck takes his own advice and walks over to Sarah as Blind Pilot starts in with "3 Rounds and a Sound." Chuck asks where Bryce is, and Sarah says he's gone -- about to be uploaded with a new Intersect, and then leaving. He guesses they both are. She asks him to dance. They do. Bryce comes in and sees them. Then he sees Bakula, and asks if it's a "Mr. Bartowski" or an "Orion" conversation. Bakula tells Bryce he reconfigured the cube under two conditions: Stop looking for him, and leave Chuck alone. Bryce says they asked Chuck to join the team, and he said no. Bakula says Chuck made changes to the cube, and wants to know what this new computer does. Bryce says Bakula doesn't want to know. Another agent comes and tells Agent Larkin it's time to go. And Bakula totally flashes on the agent, who is NOT a good guy, and actually is presumed dead.

Chuck and Sarah continue to dance. He tells her she belongs out there, but he's not that guy. She asks how many times he has to be a hero to realize he is that guy. He tells her he wants more. He wants a real life. She says she doesn't want to save the world, and starts, "I want..." Bakula runs up and says that the CIA agent who came for Bryce should be dead. Okay, I'm so sick of the interrupted conversations between Sarah and Chuck. That just does not happen as often as this show wants us to believe. Even in the spy world, I bet. Chuck wonders how his dad could possibly know that. Bakula, who seems to be sore from his flash: "Screw it. I have an Intersect in my head. I tested the computer on myself. I was young and stupid. But the intel was good." He says that man isn't CIA. They know Bryce is going to die instead of getting the upload. Sarah says if they know about Bryce, they know about Casey, and she takes off. Bakula tells Chuck to let her go, but he says he has to go, too. Bakula tells him he doesn't, actually, because he's not a spy. Chuck: "Dad, I love her." Hey! He finally said it. Not that we didn't all already know. Bakula says he can't follow, but gives Chuck his arm computer. Chuck thanks him and goes. His dad tells him to "Be safe, Charles." Chuck catches up with Sarah and Casey at Castle, and says he's coming with them. Casey tells him it's not his mission, but Chuck says, "This is the Intersect you're talking about and I'm a Bartowski." He holds up his computer arm and tells them they need him. Casey looks at Sarah and nods. They all leave. Still a team.

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