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Chuck ... Make That Bryce

Casey's locking Roark up in Castle when his phone rings. He answers, "Yeah, Walker, what is it?" Then: "You're kidding." And: "Roger that. We're on it." Chuck knocks on the bathroom door. And I didn't know this, but Ellie and Awesome have the best bathroom ever. Ellie tells Chuck to go away, but he goes inside instead. She tells him she can't believe his idiot friends ruined her wedding, and she'll never forgive Morgan for this. He tells her she's going to have to, because he asked Morgan to stall the wedding since he forgot the rings. Ellie looks even more heartbroken than before. He asks her to please say something, and she tearfully says he ruined the most important day of her life. He asks her to please trust him. He gives her the rings, and says he'll take care of the rest. He leaves her sitting beautifully in the bathtub.

At Castle, someone asks Casey how to spell begonia, and he grumbles to sound it out. Then he looks at a fabric swatch one of his men is showing him. He growls and says "That clashes with the bunting." Best use of Casey ever? Do we think? He's on the phone trying to get permits for a national security member. And it must have worked, because there's a lovely wedding set up on a private beach. Chuck and Bakula walk Ellie, who looks even more beautiful in this second, beach wedding dress, down the aisle. Awesome smiles at her. Casey's still at Castle, walking the halls. Chuck and Bakula give Ellie to be married. Bryce watches Sarah through binoculars from down the beach. Casey asks one of his guys to watch Roark. The wedding continues. Everyone holds their peace at Ellie and Awesome's wedding. Bryce asks through Sarah's earpiece, "Sarah, you're not coming with me, are you?" She looks over at Chuck, who gives the rings to Ellie and Awesome, and turns to Bryce and shakes her head no. Bryce turns to leave. The guy Casey asked to guard Roark opens Roark's cell door. I really thought he was going to free him, but no: He shoots him in the chest. Ellie and Awesome get married as Roark dies. Chuck: "Whoo!" Everyone claps and stands up as the wedding has finally happened. And it was so much more beautiful the second time. Casey's rogue guy watches Casey and company play poker. Wedding ends!

Casey and his guys are playing poker and Casey's smoking a cigar. The rogue agent tells Casey Roark wants to talk to him, so Casey heads back there. He finds Roark dead in his cell, obviously, and then hears gunshots. He goes back out and Rogue has killed all of the other poker players. He knocks Casey down, and apologizes, saying they've been through a lot. Casey asks how long he's been with Fulcrum. He says he's not with Fulcrum. Casey asks him to pull the trigger, because he doesn't want to look at his face, since he just killed three Marines in cold blood. The guy acknowledges he did that, but says none of them saved his life. So he just hits Casey on the head, knocking him out.

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