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Chuck ... Make That Bryce

Bryce tells Roark to take him, and leave Chuck and his family alone. Roark says the thing about it is that Fulcrum wants Chuck dead no matter what, so with that said, he tells his men to shoot Mr. Bartowski. Bryce yells for Sarah to take him. And it's a full-on shoot-out between Bryce and Roark's men. Sarah throws knives. The Awesomes stand patiently in the chapel, drinking from a flask. Bakula checks the bridal chamber, where Ellie's meditating with her legs crossed and eyes closed. He looks at her, sees no one else, and leaves. She opens her eyes just after he's gone. Chuck's panicking about the flowers! The centerpieces! It's all being destroyed. Bryce is out of ammo and asks Sarah if she has more knives. She says she threw all eight. Roark and his men have won. Chuck sees the destroyed cake and says, "Someone shoot me now." Roark offers to help with that, and pulls out a big gun. He jokes it's a real "shotgun wedding," and tells Chuck that terrible pun is the last thing he'll ever hear.

The room starts to get shadowy, though, sort of puzzling everyone, including Roark. We see guys in helicopters above and they crash through the glass roof. That's right: Casey and his men are literally crashing the wedding as Jeffster! sings and sings. Awesome pretends to enjoy it. Bakula punches Roark in the face, and says he's waited twenty years to do that. Lester hits a high note. Casey shoots everyone, and the ice sculpture is destroyed. Chuck looks panicked, but Casey's all, "You rang." The music plays on, as Ellie comes out of the bridal suite and looks around. Chuck and Sarah run around the corner pulling on their clothes like they were just hooking up. Ellie's all, "What happened?" Chuck says there was just a minor centerpiece problem. But Jeffster! sets off fireworks just then that set off the sprinkler system in the whole building. Chuck: "Oh no." Everyone evacuates the chapel, and Ellie cries, "Wedding canceled."

Chuck and his dad are disheveled in their wedding suits in Chuck's room. He says it's officially a disaster: His spy life has wrecked his real life again. He's completely ruined Ellie's wedding day. Bakula says he's sorry, and that if anyone knows how he feels, it's him, but he had no choice: He saved her life. Sarah knocks and comes in. She asks if Chuck's okay. He's not okay. He doesn't want to have to save his sister with a Special Forces team. He just wants to be a normal guy who helps his sister in normal ways. Like right now, if he could give her anything in the world, he would ... he stops, pulls out his government check and says "I think I might know how to fix this." He asks if Sarah has time for one more mission before she takes off. He gives her the check, and she says it's not what a normal guy would do.

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