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Chuck ... Make That Bryce

The final touches are being put on the church of the Awesome-Ellie nuptials, as The Gramercy Arms sing "Looking at the Sun." Chuck tells Awesome how everything's going to be perfect, and he even had his Toyota washed for him. Product Placement Alert! Everyone run out and buy a Toyota, and say you did it to save Chuck. Just like the Subway thing. But slightly more expensive. Chuck heads to a room labeled "bridal suite." Mrs. Awesome (that's Morgan Fairchild, to you) opens and tells Chuck it's bad luck to see the bride. Ellie doesn't believe in that stuff, though (and, really, is it supposed to be bad luck for the brother to see her?), so he goes in. He looks at her, and says her dreams are coming true. She says she'd have a small ceremony on the beach if it were up to her, but you make sacrifices for being an Awesome. Mrs. Awesome counts the bridesmaids and wonders where the hell her blonde is. Chuck tells Ellie he doesn't know yet what he's getting her for a wedding present, but he'll start with this: He quit the Buy More. Ellie's so happy, and wonders what he'll do with his future. He doesn't know, but Sarah walks in just then. Ellie tells Chuck she made her dreams come true; what's he going to do about his? He asks Sarah if they can talk for a moment.

In the hall, Sarah wants to make sure Chuck has the rings. He shows them to her. She tells him he looks like a real spy, and he says she looks like a real bridesmaid. He starts talking, and she tells him to wait, because she has to tell him something. But he can't wait, so he starts in: He doesn't know what's in his future. All he knows is he wants her in it. She tries to cut in to tell him something, but he says no. And goes on: "No guns. No lies. Just us. Just like I've always wanted." He tells her he'll take her anywhere sunny with little umbrella drinks with the money he's just come into. What he's getting at here is, "Sarah Walker, will you do me the honor ... of taking a vacation with me?" She tells him she's leaving in the morning, that the details are classified, but she'll be working on the new Intersect Project. With Bryce. Chuck's face falls at the word "Bryce." Sarah's sorry, and wanted to wait until after the wedding to tell him. Chuck thanks her for coming to the wedding, since it's good for the cover. He walks off.

Chuck goes straight into the chapel, where his dad tells him this is a day he'll remember forever. Then he goes and looks at the cake. He finds a bottle of champagne and starts drinking. He sits down and when his feet hit something, he looks under a table and sees some bloody dead guys. When he looks back up, Chevy Chase is sitting with him. He says he believes they've met before. Chuck: "Ted Roark." Roark: "Noooo. I'm Ted Roark. You're the CIA agent who's in deep trouble." He congratulates Chuck on Ellie's happy day, and then describes her dress in detail. Chuck asks what the hell Roark wants, and Roark says Chuck knows damn well: the Intersect cube. He is sure Chuck will find a way. If he doesn't within a half-hour -- forty minutes, tops, with traffic -- Roark's going to kill the bride.

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