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Chuck ... Make That Bryce
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Chuck introduces himself for the last time this season and reminds us of a few things: His dad removed his Intersect. Awesome found out Chuck's a spy. Morgan wants to be a Benihana chef, so he quit the Buy More. Chuck brought Bakula home for Ellie's wedding. Roark survived the air strike on Fulcrum and hitched a ride to Burbank for Ellie's wedding.

Casey and Chuck walk into the Buy More in their uniforms, like they have so many times before. But savor it, people, because this one's the last. They walk with purpose as all of the employees, including Jeffster!, look on. Big Mike's moving a large appliance. Chuck walks into Buster's office while Casey waits outside. Chuck tells Buster he's been waiting so long to say this, and Buster stops him because he thinks the obvious place Chuck's going with this is that he's in love with Buster, and -- believe it or not -- he's a flaming hetero. Chuck's all: No. No. No, no, no. Not even if I were gay. Only not in those words. Chuck finally is able to get out that he's here to quit, so Buster thinks he's doing it because he turned Chuck down. Chuck turns in his pocket protector, tells Buster to shove it, and leaves. Casey pops his head in the door and says, "Ditto." Buster yells after him, "What do you think you're going to do for the rest of your life?!" Chuck: "Anything I want."

At Castle, General Redhead has the same question for Chuck: What are his plans for the future? He says he's going to dance with Sarah at Ellie's wedding, but vocationally speaking, he has no idea yet. General Redhead offers him a job on the new Intersect Project, because he's shown real promise. She says his country is calling him, but he thinks his country has the wrong number, since he's not a hero (to be fair, you don't have to be a hero to work for the CIA). General Redhead quickly moves on, saying that concludes "Project Bartowski." Casey breathes a sigh of relief. Then the general tells him to issue Chuck his final papers before he and his team ship out to Waziristan. General Redhead needs Sarah for another moment.

Upstairs in the Orange Orange, Casey gives Chuck a huge check, but tells him if he were a true patriot, he wouldn't even cash it. Chuck thanks Casey for saving his life at least once a week (except when the show is on hiatus, of course). Chuck hugs him and Casey makes a threat. So they return to hand-shaking. Casey tells Chuck he's done good work, and then gives him his card, but warns him his fingers better be on fire when he's dialing. Still in Castle, Sarah's being told by General Redhead that she'll be in charge of the new Intersect Project, working with Agent Larkin. Bryce is behind her, putting the Intersect cube in a locker thing, saying that this time it will go in his head, and it's ready for upload. General Redhead tells them they leave for Zurich at 0800. Awesome Cake credits, which I totally watched all the way through in case it's the last time.

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