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A Man With A Plan
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We open essentially where we left off last time, as Chuck, Morgan and Alex are crowded around Casey's hospital bed when Ellie comes in with good news -- his doctor thinks he'll regain consciousness in a day or two. Alex whispers a thank you, and Ellie tells her Casey's family, and she and Chuck do anything for family. Aside from me not remembering Ellie having such warm feelings for Casey, she... didn't really do anything, other than find a way to shoehorn this week's theme into the cold open. I mean, that's something, I guess, but I don't know that it merits doctor money. Morgan then assures Alex that Casey will pull through, which I'm pretty sure Ellie just covered, but then he turns his attention to Casey -- he just tried to say something. They listen close as Casey, oxygen mask still on, whispers, "Pants," and while Chuck and Morgan are at a complete loss as to why he'd say that, Alex, whom I might point out is the only person in the room not currently working for the CIA, suggests that Casey might be telling them to look in the pair of pants he was wearing when he plummeted to the ground. Morgan finds the piece of the fake eyeball, which I'm very glad was undamaged by a multi-story fall, and wonders what it's for, but Chuck flashes, and in addition to seeing Volkoff and Hydra's names, comes up with a "Ron Eimacher." Urgently, Chuck asks Casey where he got the eye, and when Casey breathes "Sarah," Chuck looks like he's putting it all together...

...while the woman in question appears from an elevator and tosses a small metallic device into the hallway ahead of her, which then sprouts appendages that make it look a Daddy Longlegs before it climbs up onto the security pad on the wall, and seriously, if the CIA has that sophisticated a device in its arsenal I'm not sure why it's taken them twenty years to bring Volkoff down. The gizmo disables the security system, but for only two minutes, as Mary, who appears beside Sarah, is kind enough to tell us. They access the station in Volkoff's desk in the hopes that it will tell them to what location he downloaded the Hydra data, but the man himself happens to call on Mary's phone, and I must tell you she has the most hilariously dorky picture of him linked to his number. Sarah opines that she should take it, and keeps working as Mary heaves a put-upon sigh and then heads to a darkened corner so Volkoff won't identify her location before answering the video call. Volkoff whines at her about his day as their time window steadily ticks down, but Mary manages to get rid of him as Sarah's wrapping up, and they vacate the premises with no time to spare. Mary asks Sarah if she found the location, and Sarah says it looks like Volkoff has entrusted Hydra to another person after all -- "The Contessa." I hope she still has both her eyes.

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