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Spy Games
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Chuck, Sarah, and Casey are all dressed in jumpsuits as they walk into the courtyard at Chuck's apartment. Chuck would like to vote that they never do actual plumbing on any future missions, and Sarah seconds that motion. Casey accuses Sarah of going soft, but then says, "Whatever," since they got the intel Agent Redhead wanted. He holds up a plastic bag with something in it. Sarah asks Chuck if he needs to change at Casey's, but he tells her Ellie and Awesome are out of town so he can shower at their place. So, apparently, he is living with Sarah? Or pretending to? He asks Sarah if she's heard anything from Agent Redhead about Orion, but Sarah tells him that these things take time. He asks if Agent Redhead asks how important it is, since finding Orion could mean Chuck could get the secrets out of his head and go back to his old life. Chuck asks if that's what Sarah wants, too, and she says of course she does. She tells Chuck to leave the search for Orion up to everyone else; that he should get some sleep.

Cut to Chuck's room, where he's doing some sort of automated search, because he himself is apparently a brilliant analyst. He has the back of his Tron poster at the ready. He's on a laptop, but the webcam comes on on the computer behind him, so he turns around and wonders why it's on. Someone's looking at him through the computer. We head to the place where said person is sitting and typing something into a panel on his arm. No, really. We don't see his face, but he hears a commotion. By the time a group of guys in dark suits storms in, the room's empty. The head dark suit, who is also The Mummy, says to alert Fulcrum that Orion's gone. The computer asks if he wants a drink since it's been a hard day for Fulcrum and it's going to get worse. The place starts shaking and we see a bright light as The Mummy backs out of the room.

The white turns into a heavily toilet-papered Buy More. Lester thinks the bright side is that he doesn't have to buy toilet paper for awhile. Jeff's all, "Why start now?" They wonder who did this until a jerk walks in and comments on someone finally cleaning up the store. It's "Assistant Manager Barclay," from the Beverly Hills Buy More. He and his Buy More cronies are more preppie because their green shirts are V-neck sweaters, and they all have white collared shirts underneath. Nice touch. Chuck calls Barclay "Bar-Clay," and asks if they did this. They admit nothing, though they think that being in Burbank is sort of a crime. Big Mike and Buster Bluth come in, and explain that Barclay's upset that this store is getting some new laptop first. Like this is really the type of thing Buy More employees care about it. It's really not. Barclay and his cronies leave, and Big Mike tells his guys there will be no retaliations. Then he yells at them to clean this place up.

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